Destiny 2 Agers Zepter hopefully begins the revolution of the classes

It did not last so long after the introduction and activation of the new exotic weapon Agers Zepter in Season 15 of Destiny 2, and already the pro streamer, who apparently had the whole day only the Loot shooter in mind, countless videos to the The most effective and best stasis builds are released this season.

This has to do that the intrinsic Perk of Agers Zepter absolutely excellent – this can not be said – with various aspects of the Stasis subclasses works. The question is: Is this just a first foretaste of great weapons class synergies that expect us with the witch king?

Agers Zepter – The power of Stasis

I m doing a short step back to the pre-season 15 stand. I play a class that actually involves a perfect symbiosis with Agers Zepter, namely the Warlock. The gameplay of the shadowbinder subclass has been heavily turning to slow down and freezing of the opponents – and the associated triggering of a chain reaction made of strong stasis explosions. It s like a snowball: an opponent is frozen and at his death, a visually comprehensible ice skating on the next enemy, freezes him and so on and so on. Not without reason, the shadowbinder is especially in Grandmeister content of the absolute control king, among other things thanks to the aspects of dusk guards and the described effect of ice flags.

With Agers Zepter now, the death for death causes a slowing explosion around the killed goal, class and weapons mechanics grasp even better than with other, recently introduced Stasis legendary weapons. It is a true pleasure to pull with agers scepter in the PvE in the battle, and to have absolute control over the playing field in hand.

The future of classes in hex king

With the Destiny-2 enlargement that appears on 22.02,2022 the witch king, the developers of Bungie now want to revise the lighting focuses of the classes – and bring them to a standard, which has already been offered since the release of the liability with the Stasis classes. Say: It will give again like in Destiny 1 very much more adaptation options of the focus. The rigid focus system that has existed since the beginning of Destiny 2 (now € 8.95) is thus considerably broken and replaced by a much more flexible.

That alone is already fantastic news! For example, I like to log in again and then in Destiny, just to gamble the solar melee build of the Warlock again. He was already a lot of fun at that time. And when I inspected the Solar focuses of the Warlock at the Preview Event at Destiny 2, I was immobilized immediately – because a melee focus was not anymore. Sad Suse and so.

A breakage of the previous lighting focus Solar, Arkus and emptiness adapts to me especially well in the stuff, because I missed the individuality of playings with Destiny 2. In the witch king s future, however, the gameplay of my class could again lead to creative and diverse ideas that do not depend solely on the choice of the selected exo-root.

Will there be more synergies?

The question is now: If Solar, Arkus and Empty also put on an aspect and fragment modular system, as currently Stasis, the developers of Bungie will then be included in the positive gameplay experiences with Agers Zepter in the future weapon design? That remains to hope and that s exactly what I wish. It s the same that it could give an EXO weapon with a focus on just a particular element monthly. Because I find the possibilities that could arise through class and weapons synergies, yet ultimately exciting. How to work, is now known not only by Agers Zepter, but also through a mechanics that has been in the game since the beginning of the destiny time.
The fountain of gloss is largely lame to play for Warlocks – but brings so many support advantages that it is mostly required in group content. Source: bungie
Exotic armor is already ensured for forward and partly also disadvantages in the choice of focuses, and influence how we play. There is little sense to play a solar damage build with Phoenix protocol, because the exo only affects the fountain of gloss, but not the dawn blades. Why should not weapons also take such an impact on our way of play, especially as weapons still make a significantly larger contribution to the fun?

Furthermore, the hope would be that the amount of weapons, which represent the very best choice in almost every game content, is also greater. Pass would be (hopefully) the times when each guardian attacks blindly to xenophage or anarchy, just because their DPS is absolute PVE king. More variety, not only in the focuses, but also with the weapons! There would be a future in which the EXO weapon supports the game style, which personally likes you personally. Sounds great, do not you mean? The links marked with are affiliate links. Affiliate links are no ads because we are independent in the search and selection of the presented products. For product sales, we receive a small commission, with which we partially finance the free content of the website.

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