Nintendo Switch OLED debuts strongly in UK Improves SWITCH LITE premiere

Nintendo Switch - OLED Model - Announcement Trailer
Nintendo hSwitch Switch taken off Switch OLED large sales figures in the UK market . The most important market in the European continent hSwitch Switch revealed through GfK (via GamesIndustry ) the first concrete information about the business performance of this new model of hybrid family, who started his 14th best week so far and significantly improves debut week Switch to Lite Nintendo in September 2019 (57th best week).

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How wSwitch Switch the premiere of Nintendo Switch OLED compared to other models?

70% of the units sold by Nintendo lSwitch Switcht week Switch correspond to the OLED model . If we consider that the best two historic weeks of the console in the UK have been those of the Black Friday of 2019 and 2020, respectively, the forecSwitch Switcht for Black Friday 2021 is very encouraging for Nintendo Switch OLED in this territory .

A level of cumulative sales since its launch in March 2017 Switch Nintendo generation hSwitch Switch in the first thirteen best those weeks surrounding ChristmSwitch Switch periods, Black Friday and other major sales periods. For reference, week Nintendo launch in March 2017 Switch is the fourth best week so far .

Debut Nintendo Switch (2017): 4th best week in sales.
Switch Lite Nintendo Debut (2019): 57th best week in sales.
Debut Nintendo OLED Switch (2021): 14th best week in sales.

Nintendo Switch OLED initially coexist with NS and NS Lite

Switch Lite Nintendo hSwitch Switch not been a commercial hit for the company; or regional or global level. Of the 89.04 million units sold console until June 30, the model accumulates only portable 15,840,000 units sold; Switch standard Nintendo adds 73.20 million units. Preference is clear.

How far will arrive Nintendo Switch OLED it is difficult to estimate ; mainly because in these early months will coexist all solutions. Nintendo Switch happens to cost 299 euros and will continue to receive stock in department stores; while Nintendo Switch OLED costs 349 euros and ranks Switch Switch the recommended option for those seeking a premium experience in portable mode plus the option to play on desktop, connected to a TV.

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