Far Cry 6 and Hamilton come together to bring watches and videogames to another level

The world of videogames grows in leaps and bounds and brands begin to notice them to do some collaboration. This is the case of the newly released Far Cry 6 by the studies of Ubisoft and the prestigious brand of clocks Hamilton . The brand founded in 1892 in American territory has been in the taste of accessory consumers and has always sought innovate.

Whether you see Elvis Presley Use your Ventura in Blue Hawaii or Tom Holland Use it in spider – man: homecoming , has had an important presence in the world of cinema. Precisely, at an event organized on the CDMX, it was emphasized that video games are the new big screen and are already fully in that world.

This is how it was presented Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Automatic Far Cry 6 , limited edition clock in collaboration with the expected video game.

In addition to being a unique and collectible piece, it is part of the virtual world of Far Cry 6 as an additional attachment, it is even part of the story told in the video game. The clock is already on sale in physical stores of Hamilton at Mexican Republic as well as on its website online.

What is the videogame about?

The saga is of first person action and its success has led it to draw six different editions and even a lot of additional material within them. Far Cry games have been characterized by the player exploring the exploration of exotic places and on the sixth instance is no exception with his already recognized open world .

Source: Hamilton

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