Fan makes it possible Resident Evil 8 with PS1

Resident Evil Village not only captivates the fans with a comprehensive story but also with a great graphic. However, it is not always important to that. Also in 2D Resident Evil 8 has its own charm.

Resident Evil kisses Castlevania

Anyone who thinks about Resident Evil Village is sure to think of the mutant prisoners, the vampire sisters, the castle and, of course, to the iconic Lady Dimitrescu.

The escape in front of the big vampirlady in the infinite gears of the castle is certainly belonging to many players to the highlights and may even remind you of the 2D Action Platformer Castlevania from 1986.

Developer OCO was probably the same, so he released on the page recently a demake named Residentvania . According to its own specification, he worked on the project two months and the result can be seen quite.

The video shows you the whole game:

fight with a knife or shoot out of afar

As in the original Resident Evil , you can also fight in Residentvania either with the knife or shoot with collected weapons from afar. The gameplay is simple, changes between simple Jump n Run and battle scenes and mixes so charming the modern game with the retro classic.

The whole gaming experience with one of the vampir sisters, Lady Dimitrescu and numerous mutant servants as well as werewolding takes only about four minutes, but is a free fun for real fans.

Sollt is not played by Resident Evil 8 yet, we recommend that you reply it:


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