FC Augsburg vs Arminia Bielefeld Bundesliga today in the live ticker

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The FC Augsburg and Arminia Bielefeld today end the eighth Bundesliga match day. Here you can follow the game in the live ticker.

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Basement battle in the Bundesliga: At the end of the eighth matchday, FC Augsburg and Arminia Bielefeld are facing. With our Live Scores you are always up to date.

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FC Augsburg vs. Arminia Bielefeld Bundesliga now in Live Scores – Before the start

Before the start: It is the duel between two storage Children: FC Augsburg has only five points, which currently extends to seven match days in his account only to place 16th When Arminia it looks even worse. Four points to stand at the Bielefeldern on the plus side – place 17th

Before the start: At 17.30 the meeting in Augsburg WWK-Arena is under way.

Before the start: Hello and welcome to the Bundesliga game at 8. Round between FC Augsburg and Arminia Bielefeld.

FC Augsburg vs. Arminia Bielefeld Bundesliga today live on TV and live stream

The encounter between FC Augsburg and Arminia Bielefeld you can live today and follow the entire at DAZN. The preliminary reports go off at 17 o clock. For the game to use Moderator Lukas Nice Müller, Uli commentator lever and expert Sebastian Kneissl come.

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FC Augsburg vs. Arminia Bielefeld Bundesliga – Expected Lineups

FC Augsburg: Gikiewicz – Gumny, Gouweleeuw, Oxford – Strobl, cod – Caligiuri, Vargas – Maier – Hahn, Zeqiri
Arminia Bielefeld: Ortega Moreno – Brunner, Pieper, Nilsson, Laursen – Prietl, scoop – Okugawa, Wimmer, Hack – Klos

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Bundesliga: The table on the 8th matchday

Place | Club | Games | Goals | Difference | Points
— | — | — | — | — |-
1. | Borussia Dortmund | 8 | 22: 14 | 8 | 18
2. | Bayern Munich | 7 | 24: 7 | 17 | 16
3rd | Bayer Leverkusen | 7 | 20: 7 | 13 | 16
4. | SC Freiburg | 8 | 12: 6 | 6 | 16
5. | 1. FC Union Berlin | 8 | 12: 9 | 3 | 15
6. | VFL Wolfsburg | 8 | 9: 10 | -1 | 13
7. | 1. FC Cologne | 8 | 13: 14 | -1 | 12
8. | RB Leipzig | 8 | 16: 8 | 8 | 11
9. | TSG Hoffenheim | 8 | 17: 11 | 6 | 11
10. | Borussia M Gladbach | 8 | 10: 11 | -1 | 11
11. | 1. FSV Mainz 05 | 8 | 8: 8 | 0 | 10
12. | VfB Stuttgart | 8 | 13: 14 | -1 | 9
13. | Hertha BSC | 8 | 10: 21 | -11 | 9
14. | Eintracht Frankfurt | 8 | 9: 12 | -3 | 8th
15. | VfL Bochum | 8 | 5: 16 | -11 | 7
. 16 | FC Augsburg | 7 | 3: 13 | – 10 | 5
. 17 | Arminia Bielefeld | 7 | 3: 10 | – 7 | 4
18. | SPVGG Greuther Fürth | 8 | 5: 20 | -15 | 1

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