God of War Sum almost 20 million games sold on PS4 how many copies will sell on PC

Following the announcement of the release of God of War on PC, Sie Santa Monica Studio has confirmed that the videogame has already sold 19.5 million copies since its launch in 2018 as of August of this Same year, which makes it one of the greater successes exclusive of the generation of PlayStation 4.

No more statistical data of the videogame has been offered, such as how many players have discharged the adventure starring Kratos, or the total number of ps4 users in the Nordic lands next to the Ghost of Sparta and her son.

What is clear is that this figure will soon be minimized before the alluvion of sold copies that are expected with the premiere of God of War on computer through two of its main stores, Steam and Epic Games Store. In this sense, and as we tell you a few minutes ago, the PlayStation team wanted to offer platform users an adventure up to the best PC developments: 4K, unlocked Frame rate , support for Ultra panoramic monitors, etc.

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God of War: Ragnarok arrives in 2022

This data arrives a few weeks after presenting the first Gameplay Trailer of God of War: Ragnarok, a direct continuation of this adventure with which Sie Santa Monica Studio will conclude the adventures of its protagonists by the mythology of Nordic Peoples . You can know more about this video game reading an interview with Cory Barlog and the rest of the development team we do in 3D Games.

God of War: Ragnarok will arrive at the stores for PS5 and PS4, at the moment nothing has been said about its disembarkation on PC, along 2022. But in the meantime you can read the analysis of God of War (2018) to decide whether to join you to the 19.5 million owners of the game or be of the first to venture to the title when it reaches PC.

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