Ajax Bielefeld wants to annoy the BVB You can look out something

Arminia Bielefeld expressed exactly at the 4-0 of the Dutch football record champion from Amsterdam against Borussia Dortmund.

Ajax got rid of it from the beginning and that at a high level. In the possession of the possession, they actively played forward, but also super counterpressing played. Since you can look out something, said Arminia coach Frank Kramer against the duel of the Arminia against The BVB on Saturday (15.30 clock). The game is probably sold out with 25,000 spectators.

The Arminia continues to wait for the first win of the season, against Dortmund has no longer won the spread in the past six Bundesliga duels.

The use of defender Nathan de Medina is questionable, not there will be the diseased replacementkeeper Stefanos Capino.

Possibly, Frank Kramer has also found a recipe for Dortmund s Torjäger Erling Haaland in the model AJAX, which scored 49 goals in his previous 49 Bundesliga games. Erling Haaland is an outstanding striker, which you can not leave the eye out of the eye. We have to put us in the way. One alone has a hard time, that s just as a robust community.

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