New World has problems with important PVP

The outdoor item tower should offer all PVP fans a home that can not participate in the wars for territories Innew World. But the mode was disabled a few days after release due to bugs. Now he should actually return, but is switched off again after a few hours.

What exactly happened? On Saturday, October 23, community manager Luxendra announced in the forum that the outpost tower can be played again. This mode was originally disabled at the beginning of October because it came to some bugs.

These critical errors should have been resolved according to Luxendra, which is why the PVP mode could be used again.

But the joy of the mode stopped only a few hours. Because the same day the outer item tower was deactivated again.

Like the CM Tosch, it came to errors again:

Hello everybody,

Sorry that it took a little longer to give you an update.

We made the outpostan storm last night or last night for a few hours. Unfortunately, there were again some problems that players prevented from having a good gaming experience in the outpost tower. That s why we decided to deactivate the mode again. The outdoor post tower will return as soon as the problems for the affected players are resolved.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and your understanding.

Via New World Forum

Where are the problems? In Reddit, some players shared their experiences with PVP mode. You noticed the following problems:

The UI was completely gone after joining the mode.
Some players were not flag for the PVP in the match so they were unassailable for both sides.
It came to bugs with summoned creatures.
Some players could not leave the outpost tower after playing. Her character was trapped in it.

However, there are several reports of how successful the mode is and how important he becomes the endgame of New World.

Outdoor post tower brings fun – and lots of money

What makes the mode so interesting? The outer item tower is a PVP mode that – as soon as your level 60 has reached at any time via the fraction NPC can be entered. So you do not have to wait for wars in the area or specifically looking for a group with other players.

In the mode, two groups combat each other with 20 players. They fight for outposts, conquest points and can go themselves to collect materials and strengthen their outposts.

There are also a lot of side tasks, such as bosses that you defeat for buffs, or the corrupt, which can be rushed to the enemy.

Why is the mode going so well? The outer item tower is a mix of PVP and PVE, offers similarly intensive battles as in the wars and brings mainly coal. Many players call the mode as the best endgame content that New World has straight.

Winners receive up to 450 talers (depending on the place on the scoreboard), Azoth and an equipment box
Losers receive up to 350 talers, a little less azoth and also an equipment box

These large sums of talers are important, because in New World there is a kind of economic crisis. There are too few sources to earn well Taler, which in turn reduces prices in all areas.

The outdoor item tower could counteract exactly what.

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When does the outdoor post tower return? The PVP mode should only be activated again if all errors have been fixed. When exactly that will be the case is currently unknown.

Could you already try the outport tower? Or is you still waiting desperate to your first round?

The outdoor item tower is not the only content that causes problems:

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