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The Telegraph: One says in Texas is all bigger: the steaks, the sky, the hats, the boots. This list can now also be added to Formula 1. What a weekend. What a race

The Guardian: But after the initial drama, the competition was more likely to become a chess game than a hard competition: a question of team strategy and tire stability, increases and not the incidents on a hot afternoon in Texas, at which Hamilton longer on his tire remained as stages.

The Sun: They poured into a thousands of Austin to see this race. For the first time in their 70-year history, Formula 1 finally seems to have cracked the American market.


DE Volkskrant: Stair the strongest in the shoot-out with Hamilton in Texas, doubles his lead in the World Cup lead. Stapen divides a sensitive impact against his rival Hamilton in the dispute over the World Cup title.

DE TELEGRAAF: With his first victory in the US, Max Stapen Lewis Hamilton has missed the next blow. On the racetrack marked in advance as a Mercedes country, Red Bull and Dutch leader in a nerve-wracking fight made an important step in Direction World Championship title.

A World Cup for Cowboys. In the Saloon of Austin, two heavyweights like stages and Hamilton, which do not take a break in their duel.

La Repubblica


Gazzetta dello Sport: The duel between stages and Hamilton is a 56-rounded rodeo. The Dutch is forcing in Texas to the rivals his law. The final phase of this exciting struggle holds 140,000 spectators in breath.

Corriere dello Sport: Stages, a pilot made of steel. Hamilton and Mercedes capitulate on a route where they have dominated so far. The World Cup has reached a turning point.

TuttoSport: Stages grabs after the World Cup title. He wins after an exciting race. Hamilton capitulates despite a perfect performance. The duel around the World Cup title is open again.

Corriere della sera: Muscles, perfect strategy and strong nerves: stages wins a la Hamilton. The duel between Hamilton and stages is not just a fight for the World Cup title, it is a war of generations, a head An-head race between two different champions that could not be different because of their culture, history and style.

La Repubblica: Formula 1 to the last breath: this is a World Cup for Cowboys. In the saloon of Austin, two heavyweights duel like stages and Hamilton, which do not take a break in their duel. For years the Formula 1 was 1 Not so exciting as now .


How the World Cup became the biggest game in the world
Marca: Despite a race that was worthy of a Lewis Hamilton, full of combat spirit and hardness, struck an increasingly solid, harder and more mature max stages the seven-fold champion at the Grand Prize of the US finally.

AS: Flies stages, wins in Austin and enlarges its lead towards Hamilton. Stapen is strengthened with this victory in the last five races.

Sports: Stages wins a heartbeat final in Austin. It is a golden victory in the fight with Lewis Hamilton around the World Cup crown. The title fight is more exciting than ever.

El Mundo deportivo: Trapped wins in a madness duel against Hamilton. Stip skin on the table. To the end it was scarce, but the Dutch could withstand the pressure of Hamilton s. The world champion and his challenger shone and showed why nobody can reach the water. Both moved all the registers to the last meter. This is a psychologically eminently important victory for stages five races before the end.


Courier: The US Grand Prix of the US decides on the last meters. With the eighth season win, the red-bull pilot increases the lead in the Formula 1 World Cup.


Look: Heartbeat in Texas! Stap with the better end for Max (24).

Day indicator: max stages sweaty and wins


Austin American Statesman: In a dynamic duel that did not disappoint the record-breaking audience, Max stapped against Lewis Hamilton and won the USA s Grand Prize on Sunday on the Circuit of the Americas.

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