DFB Cup 2nd Round Conference on Tuesday in the Liveticker

The DFB Cup (until 1943 Tschammer-Cup) is a football coal competition held since 1935 for German club teams. He is organized annually by the German Football Association (DFB) and is after the German championship of the second most important title in national club football. The winner of the DFB Cup will be determined in the K.-O.-System.
For the first main round, 18 clubs of the Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga are qualified as well as the first four teams of the 3rd league to the end of the preseason. There are also 24 teams from the lower leagues, usually the dressing careers winners. The pairings are publicly drawn before each round. Teams who play below the 2nd Bundesliga receive home rights for games against higher-class opponents. Since 1985, the final of the DFB Cup will be held in Berlin Olympic Stadium.
In the 2020/21 season, the 78th issue of the competition, which Borussia Dortmund could decide for itself. In the final RB Leipzig was beaten 4: 1 (3: 0). For the BVB it was after 1965, 1989, 2012 and 2017 the fifth cup win.
Defending champion FC Bayern Munich arrived in the 2nd main round against the second division Holstein Kiel.

Today the second round of the DFB Cup will open with eight games. In our conference Live Ticker You can follow all the games in parallel.

DFB Cup place today eight games instead of the second round. the favorites to prevail or succeed in an underdog a surprise? Our conference live ticker you are at all matches to date.

German Cup: All games on Tuesday at a glance

Time | Home | result | Abroad
— | — | — |-
18:30 | SV Babelsberg 03 | 0: 1 | RB Leipzig
18:30 | Prussia Münster | 1: 1 | Hertha BSC
18:30 | 1860 Munich | 1: 0 | FC Schalke 04
18:30 | TSG Hoffenheim | 3: 1 | Holstein Kiel
20:00 | Borussia Dortmund | -: – | FC Ingolstadt
20:45 | 1. FC Nuremberg | -: – | HSV
20:45 | FSV Mainz 05 | -: – | Arminia Bielefeld
20:45 | VFL Osnabrück | -: – | Sc freiburg

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German Cup, 2nd round: conference on Tuesday in Live Scores

. 59 Hoffenheim – Kiel GOAL! HOFFENHEIM – Kiel 3: 1. In Sinsheim the preliminary decision is expected to have fallen.

55 Prussia -. Change Hertha Berlin twice. So a game against Regionaligisten comes naturally to the substance. Judges and Serdar for Ekkelenkamp and Darida.

53 Prussia -. Hertha This makes the Hertha naturally very strong majority. The numerical superiority of the Bundesliga kicks already through fully. 51.8 percent of the ball!

. 48 1860 München – Schalke is now already a whole corner harder for the Royal Blues. For a professional foul against Lex must namely Thiaw leave the field.

46 Hoffenheim -. Kiel GOAL! Hoffenheim – KIEL 2: 1. For a change, the storks meeting times on the right side, but of course, where they met twice in the first game section. After a standard Neumann can not accommodate in the box his shot first. But he still gets the rebound yes. This time he hits from a tight

46th 2 . Half is underway again.

German Cup, 2nd round: conference on Tuesday in Live Scores – Kickoff for the second half

Ingolstadt: Buntic – Heinloth, Antonitsch, basement, Gaus, Röseler – Preißinger – Röhl, M. Stendera, Linsmayer – Kaya

Dortmund: Hitz – Pongracic, Can, Hummels – Meunier, Bellingham, Witsel, M. Wolf – Brandt, Reinier, St. Tigges

Half: At 20.00 BVB receives the FC Ingolstadt – Here s the lineups:

Half: All four games are at halftime. And we reduce again. These outsiders who beat today really brave. The Lions lead the residue to S04, Babelsberg has only just before the break accept the Prussians come to 0: 1 against Hertha back. And Kiel has finally met already twice in Hoffenheim!

German Cup, 2nd round: conference on Tuesday in Live Scores – Half Time

45 Munster -. Hertha This changes the game now complete. Rennberg who conceded a few minutes because of a tactical fouls yellow, it is now trying with a swallow, to the self-Andi Möller would have been proud, and who has certain rights. With already yellow backpack. Is that wise? Was not there. Question answered.

45 Babelsberg -. Leipzig GOAL! Babelsberg – LEIPZIG 0: 1st Too bad, too bad. It almost would have really made the rank outsiders to rescue a draw at the break. Now the short passing game of lawn shooting once ran perfectly. Midst of the center. After three short passes Poulsen is in position on the box, lined with overview Szoboszlai on which only has to push from close range.

41 Munster -. Hertha GOAL! MUNSTER – Hertha 1: 1. And did not I say? That was too early? Counterattack after deduction by the hosts. Teklab extended marches Langlitz, Schwolow stamped out, but hits the post. From there, the ball returns to box Deters takes over and pushes one from ten meters. That s what happens when you get to 1: wants to make 0 lead after work.

37 Munster -. Hertha A class difference, I said at the beginning could, be seen. That was then, this is now. Simply summarized, one could characterize the last minute like this: A 1: 0 Hertha seems to be enough. This is what makes it just fairly comfortable.

34 Babelsberg -. Leipzig Nearly 80 percent of possession RB. Meanwhile, 8: 0 Shots for guests.

.! 31 Hoffenheim – Kiel Tooor HOFFENHEIM – Kiel 2: 0. Bayern s conquerors, yes. But the TSG might be a size too big for the storks today. This is after the half-hour as good as fixed. The ball comes from the left penalty area side in front of the box will have choice. And then the panics. Ball away just ball clear. And if it is into his own net. Two own goals, which is now but then slow somewhat exaggerated.

. 28 1860 München – Schalke S04 now comes slowly into the game, of course, also has a bit of luck that you can not come back is higher at this time. But slowly, very slowly, the guests seem but can übernehmenzu control here.

25 Babelsberg -. Leipzig Leipzig gets his chance here, but you must still take up the cudgels for the third division. As part his way he does it superbly. Compact in space, the attacks of RB are pushed to the outer tracks. Only forward, forward nothing works at Babelsberg.

23rd Well, a little more goals could have been the games already imagined. It started quite promising. But the evening is still long.

. 22 1860 München – Schalke That s even an announcement. Churlinov, before 1: 0 The Lion had so carelessly lost the ball to leave clear the field. Ouwejan comes sooner used than was expected. To times as to say it, Churlinov not limping. If he were smart, he would have done that on leaving the square.

20 Babelsberg -. Leipzig Kampl chippt the ball behind the defense. Henrichs puts the ball off with his chest Poulsen. The shot of the Dane but is well blocked by Theissen. The best chance so far. RB continue working on it.

. 15 times give a glance at the goal balance sheets after a good quarter of an hour, in such pairings as now, yes a very good look Prussia – Hertha 2: 3, 1860 – Schalke 5: 4, Hoffenheim – Kiel 3: 2 Babelsberg – Leipzig 0: 5th And if you ask me, the leadership of RB s only a matter of time. . 16 Munster – Hertha fact nibble the Prussians watching something on compensation! Teklab gets the ball from the inattentive Gechter, which may seem a little reminiscent of losing possession at Schalke before the residue, pulling left near the post and fits Remberg. but not hitting the gaming device with its volley in traps correctly, his harmless low shot holds BSC keeper Schwolow problems.

. 14 1860 München – Schalke And speaking are in class difference: the gibts in Munich so far rather not.

11 Munster -. Hertha now but let s also what the game in Munster. It is possible to make the first general statements. And if we reduce, comes out in about that much a class difference can determine

8 Babelsberg -. Leipzig Missing actually only the first hit in Babelsberg. And actually had the MUST fall straight. After a half-field kick sets Poulsen head transversely, Henrich legs away in the ball, and sets the with force from a short distance over the box. Yes, was difficult to process. Henrichs is therefore excused.

. 5 GOAL! 1860 MUNICH – Schalke 1: 0 Stupid losing possession of Schalke, the crowd.. Molders can take over, brings the ball deep into the box on Lex, who then can overcome pretty close range with a little luck ferryman. Yes, to be a follower of the higher-class teams can track relaxes the early German Cup rounds. But just not quite, if you come from Gelsenkirchen.

. 4 Hoffenheim – Kiel GOAL! HOFFENHEIM – Kiel 1: 0th We do not get the first shot on goal, but the first goal, only apparently a contradiction. Namely space sends Rütter left steep, the sharp angles fits box height. And before his own goal the Rettungsgrätsche by van den Bergh fails pretty much. Behind him lurked Dabbur, so something must make van den Bergh anyway.

. 3 Munster – Hertha GOAL! Munster – Hertha 0: 1st Oh, here we go already. In the duel of two founding members of the Bundesliga. It has both pretty torn quickly. Selke is the ball from the right into the box where Jastrzembski deposits from the left corner of the six-yard with a header into the center and Jovetic mid high einnetzt into the near post volley. Pretty relaxed presentation.

  1. It could be evening torreich today. The ebb only slowly from the 3rd German Cup.

. 1 And what said the trainer as follows: Yes, yes, unterklassige team but not be underestimated…. That s the page. The other: The team is looking forward to life for weeks game. With a bit of imagination one could have imagined the well itself. Wait a minute – that was devised.

  1. And thus we are in the middle of the beginning of the start of the second DFB Cup Round. Run all games. Well, are only four for now.

Before starting: Query interesting story, that. Do we remember the storks of the last season. A team on the success wave. Throw the Bayern from the DFB Cup. On the other hand, the success in the cup could ultimately cost the Kieler somewhere the climb. We will never know.

Before starting: little special feature. With the Prussians from Münster today is a team at the start, which has lost their first-hourly. Anyway, one thing has been ensured today. This will not happen again that Mark Van Bommel will not happen again. And for the wolves, leaving the trophy has turned out to be very practical in retrospect. So Florian Kohfeldt has a little more time to meet his new team.

Before starting: What s the cup? Well, there are teams on each other, who otherwise meet at most to benefits or in preparation. On the one hand. On the other hand, of course, the predictability of the results. For the supporters of the higher-class teams, it is usually a relaxed pursuit of their own eleven. Exceptionally. Unless you are Bayern fan. Of course you are always relaxed.

Babelsberg: Theissen – Mar. Rausch, Lela, M. Hoffmann, Wegener – Gencel, Dankor – R. Müller, Ti. Schmidt, J. Wilson – Frahn

Leipzig: Martinez – Henrichs, Orban, Simakan, Angelino – T. Adams, Kampl, Novoa, Szoboszlai – Poulsen, Silva

Münster: Schulze Niehues – Schauers, Bricks, M. Hoffmeier, Thiel – Langlitz, Remberg, Klann, Teklab – Wegkamp, ​​Deters

Hertha: Schwolow – Plattenhardt, Boyata, Gechter, Zeefuik – Tousart, Jastrzembski – Ekkelenkamp, ​​Darida – Selke, Jovetic

TSV 1860: Hiller – Y. Deichmann, Lang, Salger, Steinhart – Wine – Dressel – Biankadi, Lex – Mölder, Bear

Schalke: Ferryman – Iturka, M. Kaminski, Thiaw – RANFTL, PALSSON -Churlinov – Zalazar, Mikhailov -Bülter, Pieringer

Hoffenheim: Baumann – Akpoguma, C. Richards, Vogt, Posch, Room – Rudy, Stiller – Kramaric – Rutter, Dabbur

Kiel: Gelios – Neumann, election, Si. Lorenz, van den Bergh – ERRAS – Mühling, Holtby – Bartels, Pichler, Reese

Before starting: These are the listings for the lots beginning at 18.30:

Before starting: Seven Bundesliga clubs are in use today. In the only Bundesliga duel Making Mainz 05 and Arminia Bielefeld meeting. Defending champion Borussia Dortmund stands with the home game against second division final light FC Ingolstadt in front of a supposedly light task, as well as RB Leipzig in Regionalligist SV Babelsberg.

Before starting: Today, the first eight games of the 2nd round take place. Four games are kicked up at 18.30 clock, one at 20 o clock and three at 20.45. The games in detail: Prussia Münster – Hertha BSC (Game start: 18.30 clock), SV Babelsberg 03 – RB Leipzig (18.30 clock), 1860 Munich – Schalke 04 (18.30 clock), TSG Hoffenheim – Holstein Kiel (18.30 clock), Borussia Dortmund – FC Ingolstadt (8 pm), VfL Osnabrück – Sc Freiburg (20.45 clock), 1. FC Nuremberg – Hamburger SV (20.45 clock) and Mainz 05 – Arminia Bielefeld (20.45 clock).

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the conference live ticker of the 2nd round games in the DFB Cup.

DFB Cup, 2nd Round: Conference on Tuesday Live on TV and Livestream

All eight games are broadcast live today by Sky. The pay TV channel also offers a conference. This can be seen from 6 pm on Sky Sport 2 (HD). With the game between Borussia Dortmund and the FC Ingolstadt, a game will also be broadcast live in Free TV. The private broadcaster Sport1 starts with the DFB Cup Countdown at 6 pm. The parallel LiveStream is free.

Sky also shows the eight cup games today on the following channels: Prussia Münster – Hertha BSC (Sky Sport 6 HD), SV Babelsberg 03 – RB Leipzig (Sky Sport 5 HD), 1860 Munich – Schalke 04 (Sky Sport 4 HD), TSG Hoffenheim – Holstein Kiel (19.30 clock), Borussia Dortmund – FC Ingolstadt (Sky Sport 3 HD), VfL Osnabrück – Sc Freiburg (Sky Sport 6 HD), 1. FC Nuremberg – Hamburger SV (Sky Sport 4 HD) and Mainz 05 – Arminia Bielefeld (Sky Sport 5 HD).

There is also a live stream for every single part and the trophy conference. You can use the SKYGO -App or skyTicket enchrufen.

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DFB Cup: The schedule

Appointment | round
— |-
26./27. October 2021 | 2 . round
18./19. January 2022 | Octagonal
1./2. March 2022 | Quarterfinals
19./20. April 2022 | Semifinals
21 . May 2022 | Final in Berlin

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