Pipe to WM Do not look for TV allowances

Nigeria s football national coach Gernot tube sees FIFA s plans for a shortening of the World Cup rhythm from four to two years critical. At some point too, you can not always look for television charges. You really have to look for the health of the players, the native Mannheimer asked in the program Sport on Sunday of Germany radio.

The schedule is already so full enough. We now have the Africa Cup in January, that can take six weeks. And hopefully we have the World Cup, in November, said the 68-year-old with a view to the coming year with the World Cup in Qatar as a climax. There is hardly any place to deny other games. It has to be required much of the players to meet the new FIFA calendar. Well, I think most coaches are also in Africa.

World Cup participation a money

A technical consulting group of the World Association Around Arsène Wenger had proposed the World Cup orientation every two years, also the rhythm of continental tournaments as the EM would be shortened. The plans are rejected mainly by the European Football Union UEFA and the continental association of South America. On the other hand, support from the African and Asian associations comes.

The African associations are not so rich as the European or American, tube explained the special situation in Africa s football. A World Cup brings already at a participation a return of money with which the association must then entertain the national teams, including the U23, the U17 and the women .

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