Step by step Procedure for Season 1 Chapter 11 of the Quidditch arrived

Harry Potter: Harry Potter s secret (Harry Potter: Hogwarts MyStery, in English) is a role video game developed by Jam City and edited by Portkey Games on April 25, 2018 on Android and iOS. It is based on the Harry Potter de J. K. Rowling book series ,,,. The action of the game takes place between the birth of Harry Potter and his entrance to Hogwarts, the British School of Magic. Players can create and customize their individual avatar (a student following courses at Hogwarts).

Your second home game is over, just like our step-by-step procedure for Chapter 11 of Quidditch for Hogwarts MyStery. Your final match is approaching, and the stakes are quite high since the result of it will determine whether or not your home will win the Quidditch Cup. Shortly after starting the chapter, you will meet Murphy in the big room for a game of the magician s chess. However, that was not the only reason McNully wanted to meet you.

By playing chess, you will tell him the meeting you had with Rath after your second game at home. Once it has discovered that Erika thinks you are responsible for the launch of rumors about its flight from the Skye broom, it will advise you to find it and explain everything that happened.

You will follow your advice and look for Erika. Fortunately, Penny will inform you that she trains on the workouts, so you will go to see if you can talk to him.

Quest For the Quidditch Cup Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery
Will Erika listen to what you have to say? And will she believe that you have nothing to do with rumors? Discover in our step by step quidditch for season 1 Chapter 11 for Harry Potter Hogwarts MyStery.

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