World Cup every two years a tumbirth

The Secretary-General of the International Player Union FIFPRO keeps the possible new World Cup rhythm of the Football World Association FIFA for a tumbirth. Instead, Jonas Baer-Hoffmann demanded promoting the Women s World Cup.

We need reform, that is out of the question. If we continue so, football will not develop in many parts of the world, Baer-Hoffmann said. The World Cup output from the FIFA from 2026 all two instead of how so far every four years is the wrong solution: It is pretty clear that the project is dead from the outset when trying to get it against the will and without the Assignment of all other stakeholders to enforce, he said.

Rather, Baer-Hoffmann wishes to appreciate the Women s World Cup. The truth is that there are two World Championships every four years, he said, We should make the women s tournament for a priority.

Especially from Europe there is violent criticism of FIFA plans, the European Football Union (UEFA) has already threatened with boycott. The German Football Bund (DFB) also spoke clearly against a change.

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