How is New World One Month after Release It s bizarre but I love it

Sid Meier s Civilization III: Play The game\” title=”World”>World (Abbreviated Civilization III: Play The World or Civ3ptw) is the first expansion of the third installment of the Civilization Turn Strategy Video Game Series, developed by Firexis Games and distributed by Infoges. This expansion was launched on the market on October 29, 2002 in North America, and on 21 February 2003 in Europe.

On September 28, so just a month ago, Amazon s Great MMONEW World appeared. We look at Meinmmo, as it is currently about the game.

What makes New World good? New World offers a refreshing view of the MMORPG genre. Instead of countless skill bars, your two weapons are limited to three skills.

Which of these weapons want to play you, stays at any time, because there is no class system. In New World you are what you are wearing. If your fireballs want to throw in heavy armor, this is as possible as a strike ax to swing in a stuffrobe.

It made New World that none of these builds really seems really useless. Whether you are well balanced, another question is again, but you can not do a lot wrong with the choice of your equipment.

A central point in MMORPG is crafting and collecting resources. In doing so, all of her 17 life skills of fishing up to engineering, nobody is useless. The raining of these occupations and skills feels extremely satisfying, which lies not least at the magnificent sound design of the game.

There is a world that feels very alive. This is not only due to the dense vegetation and the many animals, which can sneak through the forests, but also on the fraction system.

In constant wars, the three factions of New World fight for the supremacy in individual settlements and can, if they control a settlement, take massive influence on their development.

Thus, the island of Aerneum feels really alive as uninvolved in the wars. Constituent Change Governing the owner, Settlements look different, crafting stations are upgraded and devalued.

In this way, New World creates a world in which one likes to stay as a player. Problems are only available with employment within this beautiful, new world, but later more.

So the start of New World: The start of the new MMORPG brought considerable numbers. So played on 3 October, Sunday after the release, 913,634 players at the same time New World. This lands on 5th place of all-time peaks on Steam (via SteamDB).

But there was not only positive to report to the start of the games. Most of these players could not play at all. Debt of this were massive queues, as each server could take only about 2,000 players at the same time.

Some fans spent more than 10 hours in queues before they could finally play. Although Amazon regularly published new servers, the problem held good two weeks.

This pulled a rat tail with him, as the players only log out, if absolutely necessary. Fans stuck their W button tightly and rather ran against a wall all night than to be kicked from the AFK timer and thus need to get into the snake again.

Of course, that did not make the problem better, as the snakes were only slowly smaller than the players no longer log out.

Now the queues are largely history and everyone who wants to play New World can do that. This is not least because of the fact that the onslaught on the MMORPG is not that big anymore, as at the start.

How many people do New World currently play?

This is what it looks like: Currently, so exactly one month after release on October 28, playing 375,482 people New World in the 24-hour peak. So a little less than half of those who played on the big onslaught at the start.

Currently in the game – at 11:30 am – are all 140,510 players online, at a time in which neither in the US is still in Europe primime.

The game figures remained relatively stable between 375,000 and 550,000 users in the 24-hour peak over the last two weeks. In this way, New World is still placed on Steam far from other genre representatives such as Bless Unleashed or Final Fantasy XIV and even before the Hit GTA 5.

Why do the game numbers fall? That with a game with such a great hype before starting relatively quickly the game numbers fall, is the most normalest of the world. But what are the reasons in the case of New World?

More than 900,000 people are also many of many who wanted to try the game and realized relatively quickly that they are not satisfied with it.

Already a week after release, the number of players on average have already fallen by about 200,000 players. This largely amounts to people who have no desire for New World or just those who just wanted to look in.

Many players currently leave the game, but also because there is little to do in the endgame. A problem, which not only has New World. Other, newer MMORPGs such as Swords of Legends Online or Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis have lost fans from the same reason.

Players who have already reached level 60 leave New World currently rapidly, as the title does some problems that you do not perceive at the maximum level:

The large max-level PVP mode outdoor items tower was disabled for a long time due to errors and is currently still
The corruption portals of the stage 55 were long and did not close
You could not make any keys to come to the two levels 60 expeditions
In the PVP wars, many people used specifically playing mistakes to maximize victory. That was frustrating for many players

New World Is A Strange MMORPG ft. KiraTV

These are possible reasons why game numbers are currently dropping slowly. More and more people are currently reaching level 60 and thus the endgame, Amazon should come up with something soon.

After all, the outdoor pottery tower should soon work again and the corruption portals can be concluded again. More and more mistakes were fixed piece by piece, whether that s enough show.

Nevertheless, New World is currently not in danger. Even if the numbers have fallen, the current players are still very good. New World is fine for a month after the release.

What do the players say? The Reddit of New World is great and well attended. About many, various topics are discussed. Many of them are also game errors, missing content or balancing problems.

We have picked up some comments that reflect the current state of New World comparatively well.

The User JourneyMaker writes (via reddit): I have changed from city project quests to only be hunters and collectors. I spend my entire time hunting animals and to use each of their drops. It s fun and brings profit. […] You can really enjoy crafting and collecting and I feel that is the only part of the game that is not somehow broken. It s bizarre, but I love it
User Doctapeppa joins (via reddit): I games to get rid of stress, to sit back and find new friends. I expected that from New World, but what I got was frustration and bored. I really enjoyed the first Level of New World. The world feels good, the game runs smoothly and I was fun. But the further I came, the worse the game became. […] At the latest from Level 39, the game starts to really nerve. And my guild camerades on stage 60 sign only. […] I rarely had such mixed feelings for a MMO.
A possible solution supplies the user Iamradamanthy (via reddit): I was briefly stopping with New World, but then I found a solution. How many others I was extremely bored on level 60 and asked me what is that. Is it to me, or the game? Did I have the wrong expectations? It is probably a mixture of everything. For everything I did was come to level 60 as fast as possible, to grind the best equipment and optimize everything possible. […] But I also skipped everything that makes fun. I started from the front, on another server. I read everything, take me time, make me even notes. Now I m only level 41 again, but have so much more fun than before.

NEW WORLD – Conclusion after a month

If you have stopped in the game for longer or talking to the game, a very crop image comes about New World. It is therefore even hard for a month later to say if the game will succeed in the long term or not.

The previous conclusion looks like this:


Unused setting
Good and fast combat system
Many opportunities in the character development and for own builds
Developers rich weekly updates
Server running stable, there are little game crashes
Player numbers still very good
No pay2Win content


Many game errors and balancing problems
Little content from level 60
Who wants to join in wars, is forced to join a big guild
Communication between developers and players sparse available
So far no roadmap for planned content

Finally, you can say that New World is still pretty good for one month after release. The servers are well filled, but not so full that you are in queues. The game numbers in general look good.

Many of the problems that the game had to start were already solved by Amazon. Nevertheless, there are a lot of problems that are still in the game. The developers rarely communicate as it continues. A roadmap about new content or the like is missing to date completely.

The gaming experience starts grandios and barely takes off the way to level 60, but once arrived there, many players lose the fun of New World. Whether you have fun with the game in the long term, currently depends to a large extent on how to play it.

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New World had a phenomenally good start to Steam and is still fine for a month later despite many problems. Amazon now has to react, the waves smooth, fix the bugs and take the balancing new. If then a roadmap comes with promising content for level 60 players, the MMORPG has a good chance to keep up a long way up.

how do you see it? Did you play New World or do you still play? At which level are you? What do you do with Level 60? Write us in the comments here at Meinmmo.

Also Meinmo Editor Alexander Leitsch likes the new MMO, but also criticizes the missing roadmap: New World needs a roadmap and as soon as possible.

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