FNATIC is upset to miss the launch of LOL Worlds due to family matters

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Abbreviated CS: GO) is a first-person online multiplayer shooting game based on the team game developed by Valve Corporation. He went out on August 21, 2012 on PC and Consoles (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3). In 2017, Microsoft announces that the game on Xbox 360 will be compatible with Xbox One. Since December 6, 2018, the game is partially available free of charge in Free-To-Play.

Before starting the campaign League of Legends Worlds 2021, it has given a change of staff in the FNATIC camp. The team announced that Elias, Upset Lipp was forced less than 24 hours before the first game of FNATIC in the group stage against Hanwha Life Esports to return home, due to an urgent family matter. The German is replaced by Fnatic Rising Botlaner Louis, Bean s Schmitz.

Upset had finally reached the World Cup stage after four years in the LEC after 2018 with Schalke 04 in the league before he played the season 2020 prior to joining FNATIC for origen.

FNATIC Rising Botlaner Bean will now be in Upsets absence his World Cup debut. FNATIC says that Bean has been prepared in recent weeks in Reykjavik with our team, though it is uncertain whether this means that he was involved in organized scrims.

Bean has played an important role in the success of FNATIC Rising this season and reached the second place with the team at the 20021 Master s summer edition, after the LFL Karmine Corp.

World Cup 2021 Cader Update pic.twitter.com/uojsgt1ibe

  • Fnatic (@fnatic) 10 . October 2021

Without actual LEC experience, let alone experience on the stage in the world, is now in the non-enviable position to start his first first-class League of Legends game against Kim, Deft Hyuk-Kyu, while Fnatic later Hanwha Life Esports accepts.

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