European champion Italy bangs at World Cup

Echampion Italys World Convention (ESC), previously Digital champion Italys World Cup, is an annual electronic champion Italying activity occasion that combines the very best groups in the world on computer game created or adapted to fights in between gamers. From all continents, these players compete for a number of days on their favorite game in order to come to be the world champion of their self-control.

European champion Italy trembles again around the World Cup participation. In the summit against Switzerland losing is prohibited — but the Azure have a problem.

For European champion Italy, the fear goes around. Four months after the glamorous triumph of Wembley, the proud Azure for participation in the World Cup in Qatar — a re-failure in qualifying as in 2018 would be massively shaken the four-time world champion. Therefore, the motto is clear before the final against Switzerland: lose banned!

We know that it is an important game. We have to stay calm and are not allowed to put us too much pressure, said Italy s Coach Roberto Mancini in front of the summit in Group C on Friday (20:45 / DAZN) in Studio Olympic in Rome against Germany II.

Italy: several power carriers fall out

In the case of a defeat against the identical soils, the direct World Cup qualifier would hardly be achieved with only one outstanding game. Two second place would open the Italians another chance on the Winter World Cup 2022 on the play-offs in March, but the way would be arduous than ever.

Therefore, the short-term failure of Lazio-Torjäger Cairo Immobile (Wade) comes to the undermines, especially since midfield chief Marco Ferrari is missing. Autochampion Italy wrote from a drama for Italy: Mancini loses a cornerstone of his team.

The Corriere dello champion Italy immediately hit Alarm. Immobilize injured — Mancini trembles, the leaf title. The coach must now prove courage to find solutions.

EURO 2020 Italy Fans Celebration In Lausanne Switzerland
The EM-noise has long been overlapped by the Italians around Stars Giannini Donnarumma, Giorgio Chilling and Jericho. In October, in the semifinals of Nations League by a 1: 2 against Spain after 37 (!) Play without defeat the impressive world record series of Square Aurora. After the euro, there were only two victories in five international matches, with a 0-0 in the first leg against Switzerland.

Switzerland also has to fight with injury issues

The NATO, which originally had twelve Bundesliga professionals in the squad, travels considerably. National coach Murat Akin had to accept the cancellations of Gregor Nobel (Dortmund) as well as Breed Embryo and Nico Elves (both Playback) at short notice. In addition, captain Grant Dhaka, Paris Sclerotic, Steven Huber and Christian Fassnacht are missing.

We can certainly not replace these players from their qualities not one to one, said Nati-Director Pearling Tami s eyes: But we should not talk too much about the absented, otherwise it will be alibied. We do not want Alibi. Our The goal remains the same: a victory.

Tami knows however, that it will be very difficult. That would have become very difficult without injured. For that we need a big performance on Friday.

Both teams threaten regardless of the outcome of the endgame, however, again a stumbling hazard: Italy must deliver in the last group game on Tuesday in Northern Ireland, Switzerland is a last time at home against Bulgaria. Only then is it clear who has solved the direct World Cup ticket.

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