Nintendo Switch Online has exceeded 32 million users

In a recent summary for your investors published in parallel to your latest financial report, Nintendo has announced that Nintendo Switch Online had exceeded 32 million users as of September 30, 2021. This number, such And as the company clarifies, it refers to the number of user accounts that can enjoy the service. Due to the existence of family subscriptions not all these users pay an individual subscription.

«By improving the service we have increased the possibilities of users to continue enjoying with Nintendo Switch, read in the report, These improvements include game tests, which allow users to play a specific title for a specific period of time, In addition to the exclusive games ». As it clarifies the document, these figures are prior to the launch of the expansion package that allows access to Nintendo 64 and Negative games, as well as enjoying the Crossing Animal DLC at no additional cost. Looking ahead, the company plans to continue expanding both services.

Nintendo To Improve Nintendo Swich Online Following Expansion Pack Backlash

The latest data that Nintendo made public in relation to users of its online service date September 2020, when the company announced that they had exceeded 26 million users. The new figure reflects a year-on-year growth of 6 million users.

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