NEW WORLD There are no mounts but developers meet the wishes of the fans

Since the launch of New World, players have already expressed numerous desires for new features, content and changes. One of the most commonly mentioned demands are the developers of Amazon Game Studios now fulfilled — the desire for faster travel.

Are there mounts now in New World?

No Still not. However, the developers meet another desire of the players of New World. The interesting innovation is previously only on the recently launched PTR server from New World. There, your game character gives a speed bonus of ten percent when moving on a road. As soon as he leaves her, the pace falls back to normal.

Ten percent does not sound very much at first. But in the course of the season, the effect sums up and is likely to ensure some time savings, because the routes in New World are long. It should also be noted that the bonus is still in the test phase on the New World PTR. It can therefore happen that the developers change the value.

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What other ways for fast travel exist?

If you do not always want to travel the wide routes in New World (now €39.99), there is luckily some alternatives. So it is possible for you once an hour to let speed trip in a previously defined inn. There is also the possibility of fast trip between different inns and tour points. However, that costs a certain amount every time both.

On ribs, the players of New World continue to wait in vain. Although the developers have not categorically excluded the introduction of mounts, but in the foreseeable future is probably not to be expected.


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On the New World PTR server, there is a tempo boost while running. (2) [Source: Amazon Game Studios]

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