Lol arcane 4 argue arches of Runaterra that could be seen animated in the future

Arcane: A story of League of Legends is being a success after the amazing second act that has left all the spectators astonished. While there is still a third act of three chapters, there are already anxious people to see and deepen more in the histories of the world of RENATER. Well, knowing the immense number of characters that exist and the internal lore of each of them, we will compile different arcs that could be quite interesting to see in an animated version and that surely It would be a success in all the senses thanks to the characters that appear on the screen.

Arcane | Official Trailer | Netflix
The war of the three sisters in Record

One of the most famous stories of the entire game, the battle on the frog of Record by the power between the three sisters of ice: Ashe, Segueing and Cassandra. Being one of the most famous argues, is where we can also get information to capture history as faithful as possible. Talk about the feat of Ashe and her husband of her Tryndamere, the battle between the vigilantes and various, among others. In addition, you could add a very good fight in the abyss of the laments, the map where the ARM is played, and that you could finish the coldest story of all League of Legends.

Shrimp s fall with ASUS and Benetton

The friendship of vi and jinx is not the only one who went to the gate after several events. The story of ASUS and Benetton is similar, only that the atmosphere in which it is inspired is much more Egyptian. This style could draw attention to a lot of people, so it is a great possibility for the future of Arcane. He would call a lot of attention to see these two champions in his humanized version before they died in the hands of the gods. In addition, you could see a sub-story in which you talk about the confrontation between SI VIR and Cassiopeia and the famous stab that triggered a series of catastrophic miserable by the desert SHU RIMA region.

Rye, the most important character in RENATER

If there is someone who could change the whole story of RENATER was our favorite smurf of League of Legends. Since almost his adolescence, the magician wanted to know with anxiously the power of arcane magic, and seeing that he has been able to appear during the first chapters of Arcane in his meeting with Jayce, it is quite viable that Let s know more about him in the future of the series. We can know the origin of its blue color and the tattoos that takes around your body, in addition to your trip all over the world where we will meet the most varied characters of League of Legends, as well as if the mission of looking for the Absolute knowledge and world peace has been fully fulfilled.

Aurelio sun and bard, the origin of everything

Last but not much less important we have the champion who gave rise to everything, Aurelio Sol, and the space explorer of Him, Bard. The eyes and ear of the universe could give a lot of game a very mystical story with space as the perfect scenario to tell an odyssey star with the creation of RENATER and its beginnings. In addition, the first centuries of the world could be counted with Oran, Olivier and Anita as well as the origin of all the lands of the planet. Arcane is just the beginning, and we are sure that Riot Games will not take long to show more about his future in the entertainment industry.

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