Diablo Immortal convinces tester in the closed beta but one thing bothers you

Diablo Immortal was analyzed and played in the closed-beta of various testers. They are largely agreed that Diablo Immortal becomes a true hit. But one thing that did not matter to Diablo 3 is also a criticism at Immortal. Lest here all about the first test reports for the closed beta of Diablo Immortal on Mango.

Diablo Immortal | Closed Beta Trailer

What is Diablo Immortal? Diablo Immortal is an attempt to bring a full-fledged action RPG in Diablo style to the smartphone. The game was conceivably presented in 2018 unfavorably at the Blazon and had a very heavy state under the fans.

Many feared that Diablo Immortal will be a cheap cell phone game, which has little playful depth and only players to pull the money for pay2win items out of his pocket.

Feels like a real Diablo, but is built simpler

First test reports on the closed beta of Diablo Immortal, however, speak a different language, even if there is a prominent criticism.

Convince these elements

Anyone who starts Diablo Immortal for the first time is immediately picked up by the typical Diablo Flair according to the unanimous opinion of the testers. The game looks like Diablo, sounds like Diablo and also plays largely.

Since now also adaptation possibilities for equipment are present, the gameplay, where you always collect new Loot and then optimize it, now also available in the mobile version.

In addition, the fun PVP mode, which makes 30 selected players even in a mad boss fight against a single overpowering player.

Diablo fans could not like

Less good, on the other hand, said that Diablo Immortal follows a trend that has been criticized at Diablo 3: the skill system, which has already been simplified in Diablo 3, has become even simple.

Each class has a primary attack and 4 active skills. These can be selected from 2 different primary attacks and about 8 skills. In addition, the primary attacks can be charged by killing enemies.

That s it. There are no runes that you can use to change its skills, or skills trees with other customization options.

But there are legendary items that can change your skills. All such customizations do not fall away.

What is the final opinion of the testers?

Despite the accusation of strong simplification, the positive arguments are outweighed by Diablo Immortal. For example, the page MMORPG.com writes that Diablo Immortal certainly is not the very best Diablo game of the series, but definitely the Diablo desire off the PC and the console silence.

The page Android Central is even thinking that this is one of the best Android games at all, and you can get an authentic Diablo experience.

So much for first experiences with the closed beta of Diablo Immortal. Will you look at the game to release? Then let us know in the comments!

Diablo Immortal appears only 2022. If you do not want to wait so long, here are the 4 best Action RPGs for Android and iOS 2021.

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