DFB Osnabergges Billing Thats Blank nonsense

After the lawyer had presented the positive figures for the pandemic year 2020, Osnaberges countered various codes of the past months: Contrary to the lump sums of many, which seems to be fertilized with each other, there is no chaos at the DFB. However, he admitted: We have to bear the consequences of a false selection of executives. That Fritz Keller is meant is obvious. The ex-president came back after a Nazi comparison, as a result, the state and regional associations withdrawn the confidence. The fact that Osnaberges explicitly chose the majority, he explained with various change on directors positions and also in the presidency, but that did not want to connect with personal allegations. Very probably the short-term media chef is meant Miriam Berle.

Keller had attacked Osnaberges in an interview last, the Rhinelander replied indirectly: Anyone who bears responsibility in DFB follows the advice of the experts. Keller had accused him to decide against the advice of professionals. Recently, the question for Off provided, until when the summary of economic business operations in a corporation should be completed. Osnabergese confirmed that the GmbH & Co. KG will start at 1 January 2022 and said, It is not blocked, I do not know who interested in it. It is involved in it. However, last week, DFL had pronounced in a letter for postponing the procedure, but subjected to a vote in the DFB Bureau. We only follow the order of the Bundestag and the bodies and will be timely to meet him until the next Bundestag, says Osnaberges, who set in his general accounting Feeding from the outside in the room and partly facts free attacks against the DFB Field led: The ongoing criminalization burdens the entire work of the house. If the criminal proceedings are stopped, no one is interested in it.

By way of example, he called the accusation, the association operates a control model. Thats blank nonsense. We pay exactly the same taxes as others on economic business. It can be revealed apart with the DFB. The numbers delivered Financial Director Markus Holder, who is likely to become financial executive in the new GmbH & Co. KG: 2020 Eur 18.6 million paid to earnings taxes, even 22.1 million Euro. If you think about where we come across tax, this is a document that it is anything but a control model, said wooden. At the beginning of the 2000s, only one million euros had been. However, according to Osnaberges, this is not intended to understand former officials. Although the association is more issued before taking office than he has taken: We reversed this trend, despite significantly increased payments to the national associations.

Mystery around Riemann

On the positive overall impression, the Osnaberges to account for his hitherto five and a half years as treasurer as a treasurer, certainly also contributed the noisy separation of ex-marketers in front. And exactly in this topic is a great mystery: What was the media consultant Kurt Bergmann with 372,000 euros? As a companion in the in front thing, Osnaberges and Co. say as a kind of double agent to get rid of abusive president, insinuate media reports and e-mails. With a view to a new report of the Deutsche Dating, according to which Riemann had already worked for the DFB for DFB before April 2019 — at that time, the subject of in front still existed — Osnabergge said: There are no new need for action and facts. The thing had been examined separately, yet one has received the unrestricted testate of the auditors. However, in between there was a rush in the internal examination committee.

According to Osnaberges, there were no further payments than the already acquaintances. This does not have to mean that, after all, the corresponding contract was concluded six months after the acquisition of the activity of the communications consultant. In summer Osnaberges had said the DFB Bureau: If I had the conclusion of the contract the knowledge of today, I would have taken into account in the decision. The e-mails all relate to his pre-DFB time, according to my knowledge Mr. Riemann had no contracts with colliding interests as he worked for the DFB. Thats exactly what a media report had already suggested. He did not read any facts, but stops Osnaberges. The topic acts as the Gordian knot, confused and hardly a final dissolve.

The in front thing had edited Es econ, the Berlin forensics also took a general investment inventory, but among other things, they illuminated the summer mark age affair — but the report is only visible from liability for reasons of presidium. How much money brought the separation of in front and what Es econ cost, Osnaberges did not specify with reference to trade secrets. Especially the ESE CON investigations, however, were also a topic over which cellar on one as well as Osnabergese, ex-Secretary-General Friedrich Curtis and Dr. ING. Trainer Koch rotten. Keller and Curtis are gone, cook wants at least no more than 1. Vice-President amateur candidate. And Osnaberges will no longer be elected to the treasurer on March 11, 2022, on the DFB Bundestag.

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