Turn the time to Eco and attack with Darius Riot Project L video release

The fighting game that utilizes IP finally exposed.

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Riot Games released a new fighting game Project L> Eye logo video through its YouTube channel on the 21st. , which was the first time through the 10th anniversary of the League of Legend in 2019, is the title of the Radiant Entertainment established by Tom Cannon and Tony Cannon. Tom Canon and Tony anon are also known as the founder of the Global Fighting Game Competition EVE.

is expected to implement characters and world views in the game through Cartoon rendering. It is possible to confirm that all the League of Legend to the public video, such as the ARI, Eco, Jinx, Darius, etc.

Battle and team systems are also notable.

Users can make a team with two champions through , and the two characters can be used simultaneously. It is also possible to play the opponent in the air and attack the opponent who is in the air, or attack the opponent who is defending the attack.

was implemented as a form similar to the original as the original as the IP. For example, Echo uses a technology that turns time as well as the original. Darius’s Ultimate Machine ‘Jindo’s ‘guillotine’ was also implemented as a unique motion that takes the opponent to the ax. It is also noticeable that the technology that is estimated to be the Ghost Gilders of ARI appears on the video.

Pants reacts to Project L - League of Legends New *Fighting Game* Gameplay Footage

Tom Canyon is a long way to go to the research and development stage. Therefore, it will not be released in 2022, said it will not be released in 2022. I said. He said, I will release new information about 2H022, I am probably telling you at least two new content.

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