AIR4 The R4 in the high sight

Damon Graham Devereaux Hill, OBE (birthed September 17, 1960, in London, England) is a previous British auto rider and also today’s motorsport authorities. He started between 1992 as well as 1999 in the highest motorsport course formula 1 as well as became globe champ in 1996. The boy of twice Formula 1 World Champion Graham Hillside is the first motorist that won this title like his father. From 2006 to 2011, Hill President of the British Competing Vehicle Drivers’ Club, the owner of the conventional race in Silverstone. Hill, was understood to the wide public in the mid-1990s, mostly through the irreversible rivet ism to his German counterparty Michael Schumacher, against which he shed two title struggles. Recognition acquired Hill beyond his services on the course primarily in the British public — through its basic means as well as its clear meetings with completely dry wit and also mind.

Renault has been ahead of his time. Mostly the courage of the developers and designers were rewarded — for example, in the legendary R4, which has anticipated the recipe for the success of a comb sedan with front drive, four doors, tailgate and variable interior in 1961. Or at the Space, which founded the market segment of family vans in 1984. And at the small car Zoe, who drove already in 2012 — at a time then, when the thought of electricity instead of fuel was still considered abundant exotic.

Other Renault revolutions, on the other hand, failed: the extroverted van-coupe Meantime (2001 – 2003) was also flop like the 2002 to 2009 luxury liner Del Satin.

31 years Renault 4

#AIR4, unser fliegendes Showcar

While in Paris over the two latter models rather the coat of history, the 60th birthday of the R4 is lovingly committed this year. For 31 years, the bestseller has been built and remained almost unchanged. When he drove in pension in 1992, he had long reached cult status.

Classic: The R4 was built from 1961 to 1992. 2021 celebrates his 60th birthday. Renault

That calls after reward. At the end of the jubilee year, we wanted to create something unconventional, explains Arnaud Bellini, his sign Global Marketing Director of the brand Renault. And so the R4 may take a look into the future of mobility from airy heights, as it may look like in another 60 years. Passenger drones could then float over the cities to relieve the ground-connected traffic situation — best electrically, almost silent and locally emission-free.

R4 as quadcopter

The R4 is now hatched into the role of such an aircraft. AIR4 is called the manned drone, her cabin is modeled on the Renault classic. The study is created in cooperation with the luxury online marketplace Theearsenale. Four electrically driven double propellers lift the quadcopter with a starting speed of 4 m / s, as energy storage serves lithium polymer batteries with a nominal capacity of nearly 90,000 mAh. The maximum speed is around 94 km / h, as a maximum altitude 700 meters are given.

Electrical revival in 2024?

RENAULT 4EVER: That’s how an R4 revival could look like. Internet / Leak

An eye-catching outlook is the AIR4, says Bellini. Real selection opportunities does not have the study. Otherwise, it could look for the automotive R4: maybe he returns as an electric team. Teaser photos have already appeared, as well as you know that Renault at the European Patent Office can be secured the model name Renault 4ever and a logo. In 2024, the revival could be done — then, if another Renault legend celebrates your comeback: the electrical new edition of the R5 has already confirmed Renault boss Luca de Meo.

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