Corona cases in Leipzig Marsch and Gulacsi has tested positively

Team Fortress 2, abbreviated by its acronym TF2, is a multiplayer computer game of first-person capturing as well as published by Valve Firm. It is the follow-up to the 1996 mod for Quake of the same name and its 1999 Remake, Team Fortress Standard. It was initial launched as part of the computer game collection The Orange Box on October 10, 2007, for Windows and also Xbox 360. Ultimately a variation for PlayStation 3. Was additionally introduced, on April 8, 2008, it was introduced from Independent form for Windows via the Shutoff system and also 2 years later for OS X; Lastly on February 14, 2013, was released for Linux. The physical only ones were offered under the control of Electronic Arts, while the on-line circulation of Team Citadel 2 was held from the Vapor system, where it presently continues as Free-to-Play since June 23, 2011. It additionally has Microtransales and exchange of tools in the game with Steam.
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As the club announced on Tuesday, March was positively tested in advance of the game in Bruges on Wednesday (21 pm, live! At Tuesday) on Wednesday (21 clocks, live! At Tuesday). At Cover Man Gulags, a high speed test brought out a positive result, the result of the PCR test is still out. Both were disconnected by the team and are in domestic quarantine. The trip to Belgium do not answer.

According to club information, all players and staff members are either completely vaccinated or recovered, and RB applies the so-called 2G-Plus rule in the team environment.

Co-trainer Marco Kurt will not travel to Bruges. He himself was not tested positively, but a Corona case is in the family environment, which is why he had been separated as a contact person as a precautionary of the team.

Two cases of new variant of Covid detected in UK - BBC News
The representation of march on the sideline will take over the second co-trainer Achim Railroad. The tasks of Kurt hare to take over video analyst Fabian Friedrich and Tor wart coach Frederik Gosling.

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