FIFA 22 date and list of players RTTK ROAD TO THE KNOCKOUTS

Discover the second event of the season with FUT Road to the Knockouts (en Route to the finals), we already know that the release date and the list of RTT players for FIFA 22. This is the first time that this promo it Been on this as usual, EA offers road to the Final (on the way to the Final) to ride the wave of European competitions. Thus, a change in the timing of the game allows you to enjoy longer different competitions to place an event at the group stage.

Road to the Knockouts includes players from clubs present in the major European competitions. These cards may change depending on the results of the team during the group stage and potentially for the rest of the tournament.

Update: A day Monday, November 29 at 20h. The RTT cards began to receive the first upgrades. Only club players who have won three games got a boost at the moment.

List of RTT cards

EA normally feature several teams of players linked to the Champions League but also in the Europa League and UEFA Conference League. Thus, we should expect about 50% of the players in a club participating in the Champions League and the other half divided in two other competitions.

List of RTT players who received an upgrade

Team 2 RTT

Still, Arnold and Renal Lodi Maëlle are the four players in mini release.

The first official tweet seems to confirm the leak list below

According to our sources, here there RTT Team 2. Note that Ruse would be a goal (like Benjamin Andre in the first week) and that some cards would be part of the mini-release Sunday.

Team 1 RTT

The team 1 was officially unveiled.

A mini-release added without ad on FUT mode.

Team 1 will be published and available in packs from Friday, October 15 at 19h.

How does the progression of cards Road to the Knockouts

As mentioned above, the RTT cards will advance based on the results of their team in European competition. Thus, the two methods to get a boost will be:

Collect 3 of the next 4 group matches
To qualify for the next round of competition

Note that last year, the cards were changing every progress in the competition, allowing cards like Mount Mason Chelsea to move from 83 to 90 overall rating of FIFA 21.

Leaks and predictions on the cards RTT

Various credible leaks Here we present and predictions on the list of players for the event RTT. The aim is to highlight the cards in order to invest in the market but also predict in advance when to open your plans if you think accumulate in anticipation of an event.

Leaks for cards RTT

Rating EVERY FIFA 22 Road to the Knockout Stage Card
Here is the list of cards already RTT leak in Team 2.

This list is not official but seems to correspond to the different sources we have for now.

date of event Road to the Knockouts

Normally this event promo will last two weeks from Friday, October 15 to 19h Friday, October 29 at 19h. However, an extra week was added at the end of the group phase of the Champions League in December on FIFA 21 in order to add a third team.

Those are the details of the start date and the list of players for the event in Road to the Knockouts RTT for the FUT method of FIFA 22. You can find all the news and our guides FIFA 22 on Apatosaurus.

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