40 000 BATTLEECTOR DROPS on XBOX and PlayStation

Today, Warhammer: 40,000 Battletector, developed by Slithering Software, is unleashed on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Located in the dark of Games Workshop, the future Tactical Tower Strategy game has now brought the 41st Millennium War on consoles.

The game arrives at consoles with a list of updated features. The updated control schemes, the user interface, as well as the completion systems and trophies will, hopefully, a fluid experiment for the consoles. In addition to these updates, Battletector develops in 2022 with new cards, factions and modes of play. The first two DLC packs are available for PCs and consoles and add each new elite units.

Warhammer 40,000 Battle Sector Review

These LCS will be a small taste of what awaits us for the future of Battletector, with new armies, new game modes and new features in preparation. Said Slithering Software in an article of FAQ.

Battletector also offers a hot-seat multiplayer where two players can compete on the same console. This feature is in addition to live multiplayer games that give Warhammer’s brutal combat: 40,000 a competitive shine.

Speaking of competition, Slithering announced, in the FAQ, that they started testing the beta version of a new tournament system. They say that the tournament system will be a structured way to engage in multiplayer.

Slithering said, in the FAQ, that they are immensely excited to bring BATTLEECTOR to the consoles. We think we have preserved visual fidelity and the pace of game of the PC version.

The game also offers a solo campaign that focuses on the Blood Angels Legion fighting against a crushing horde of Pyramids. History mode will also present Marine Primaries.

The new LCS, arriving in 2022, will be announced and detailed at the Slithering Home of the Warmers event on December 14th. Slithering will detail new factions, units and cards during the event. Warhammer: 40,000 Battletector is available on Xbox Game Pass as well as in the Windows Store.

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