Dying Light 2 16 minutes Gameplay makes parkour

Dying Light 2 Keep Person is an action-RPG and Survival Horror computer game established as well as dispersed by Tech land. The video game will certainly be released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and also Xbox Series. It adheres to Dying Light launched in 2015.

Tech land presents a few months before the publication of Dying Light 2 new gameplay material. In the 16-minute video you will receive a deeper insight into the world of the Zombie Parkour or and follows a whole quest from start to finish.

16 minutes story and gameplay

Tech land celebrates its 30th anniversary and presented a 16-minute clip in a new episode of Dying 2 Know with a number gameplay from the Zombie Successor. In it, you see a quest from the game in which the protagonist Aiden has to find more clues about his disappeared sister. In addition to small story details, the video also reveals a few new locations and many of the gameplay mechanics from Dying Light 2.

After a short story scene, you see Aiden with a paras leader fly to the application destination. The paras leader is an important tool to cross the huge world of Dying Light 2. At certain points, Aiden can even be fueled up again to fly further.

Race, Jumping, Tetzel

In the further course you see the elements known from the predecessor: Aiden deviates filigree zombiehords or stretches them again with his machete. Or he misses them a clean occurs on a lead and lets them disappear in depth.

In addition to zombies, Aiden also encounters people and few are well-tuned to him. Sometimes you can choose role-playing typical between different answers and sometimes only a costume helps. The struggles are impressive; You can even include your environment and burn opponents to fire pits. But look for yourself:

Dying Light 2 reaches gold status

Recently, Tech land confirmed that Dying Light 2 has reached the gold status. The Zombie Adventure appears on February 4, 2022, for PC and console. Renewed shifts should not exist anymore. (Source: Twitter)

The first Dying Light is indexed in Germany and must not be advertised. A similar ban also meets the new Platinum Edition of the game in the Nintendo shop. It can not be bought anywhere in Europe, England, Australia and New Zealand.

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