Arsenal Smith Rowes Kurioser Hits ensures discussions

The headlines did not just belong Cristiano Ronaldo, who also became a great match winner in Old Trafford with his (probably) 800. Career gate. Only the double pack of the Portuguese soothed Red Devils, which had still been quite upset after 13 playing minutes. What happened?

After a corner of the guests from London, stepped by Martin Regard, United’s defensive chief Harry Maguire clarified. About detours, the ball then landed at Emile Smith Rowe — and from its left foot from almost 20 meters in the short corner.

Normally, Manchester’s final man David de Gea would probably have held direct acceptance, but the Spaniard was curved on his line. Therefore, referee Martin Atkinson — after the ball had just hit. But the pain was not added by an opponent de GEA.

Teammollege Fred has accidentally risen to the 31-year-old foot, which was taken out of the game for a few seconds. Smith Rowe responded quickly as well as technically highly handsome — referee Atkinson a little delayed. But after a undiminished interruption including VaR-intervention, he gave the hit, which seemed to be very regular.

Should Emile Smith Rowe's goal have stood? Shaka and Frank Leboeuf disagree | Man United vs. Arsenal

I’ve never seen anything like that, Arsenal’s coach Mike Art eta after the finally lost game to protocol. When a goalkeeper goes to the ground, you should interrupt the game. But mistakes happen, meant Bruno Fernandes, who had shot Manchester’s balancing. But I do not know if it was really a mistake, the Portuguese pushed behind.

Tor wart against striker: Even the experts are undoubtedly

As a goalkeeper expert of the BBC, England’s former National keeper Rob Green spoke, which had something similar in the international match against Belarus 2006. The player who met against me then laughed as he pushed. Smith Rowe did not laugh, so much is sure. I do not even believe that the situation was clear to him.

While Ex-Keeper Green pounded that it was not the sporty decision to give the gate, explained Alan Shearer at Amazon Prime the view of the striker: I thought immediately: Goal. I have no foul at the goalkeeper Seen and do not think he had to go to the ground. If he had been seriously injured, one could have argued differently — but a minute later, de GEA started again.

The goal counted, Manchester still won. In the end, it is probably the way United’s outgoing coach Michael Garrick relieved: Lateness it will not be a topic.

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