Respawn puts an end to the original Titanfall withdrawing him from the market although his universe continues with Apex

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Bad and expected news; The patient was in the last. Respawn Entertainment has announced sharp measures with titan fall ; And we refer to the original adventure. 7 years after its launch, the study has made the decision to withdraw it from the market since today, and will stop being in the subscription services as of March 1, 2022.

Although they do not give many reasons about the decision, problems with servers seem to have been the key. Although they indicate that will continue to maintain some of them active so that the fans can continue playing.

Respawn will STOP SELLING Titanfall 1

They have also wanted to reassure the community, stating that despite this decision, the DNA of the Titan fall saga will continue in the future, at the moment with Titan fall 2 and Apex Legends. And indicate that in the future they will continue to create experiences with the franchise.

Titan fall sat the bases of what we have now with, above all, Apex Legends, Battle Royale that has increased its universe considerably and has helped extend the franchise with its multiplayer proposal that, until then, there was no It had so much effect.

It is always a sad news, but it is also indicative that you can be r great things to come in this universe of wicks and action.

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