GTA VC Decision Edition Finds a bug that the hero suddenly dies Dead by heart attack RKO done REDDIT is a petite large joy tournament

Grand Left Auto: Trilogy: Detectioned Version, which was many bug fixes in the other day’s update, but a new bug was also discovered.

This time it was found that the main character of the main character who was driving a car was suddenly died in a bug in the lace mission of Grand Left Auto: Vice City: Detection. In the video published on REDDIT, sudden health has come to be reduced, and finally the scene leads to death.

Among the users, I wonder if the game is wrong with the water and is dead, Isn’t it a pirated version, but the clear cause is unknown at this time. At the same time, Tommy has caused a heart attack while driving, Cocaine’s excite and The emotions are high in music of radio and Sniper is added to the mission and RIO Asbestos is used, etc. There is a both response, and we are showing the appearance of the Petite OK Tournament.

Grand Left Auto: Trilogy: Detectioned Edition is still a true decision version yet….

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