BVB Marco Reus after 5 0 against Besiktas self critical

The MLS Mug is the last suit of the postseason of the Major League Football, recognized as the League Championship. The champion identifies the Concacaf Champions League. The picture that has most played as well as has lost is the New England Change, with 5. Los Angeles Galaxy, is the group with one of the most titles of the MLS mug with 5 champions.

For us, the game was important for the rhythm and the automatism. The counterpressing in the first half was outstanding, so we had introduced ourselves, said Marco Reus after the 5-0 success against Besides at Amazon Prime Video. It was similar to his coach, who had seen his team well against the ball, neatly with the ball as well as with very good reaction on ball losses. Overall, his team Good from the Champions League said goodbye, Marco Rose said.

His own performance assessed double-oriented Zeus, on the other hand, critical. So he struck himself with his very worth seeing and elegantly achieved goal at the meantime 3-0 against the Turkish Double winner his degree, which had been not so good. Also in the creation, when he tunneled a counterpart, he had a little luck, because he opens his legs.

Zeus and the model Bavaria

Anyway, despite the historically high Champions League victory, despite the historically high Champions League victory, how much leaving — with at least nine points was equal to the second sporting, against which the direct comparison was lost (1: 0, 1: 3) — Hawked: Until Lisbon, we had played the last games properly. We started with two wins, then the two Ajax games came. In Amsterdam, we were very bad, then we are at home for a long time, go in the lead and do it well and do it well But in the end the power is missing. In Lisbon then the final, where we go back by an individual mistake. It is not very happy, Rose analyzed.

You did not deserve it when you lose three games in a row.

Marco Reus

Saw Zeus, who looked like Munich in terms of Konstanz: Of course it still hurts, because this team has the class for the Champions League, but you did not deserve it when you lose three games in a row. It was one Bit a bit fluctuating this year, we talk much about it. This a team in Germany, the FC Bayern, but the Konstanz always have, that must be recognized envious. Not too much chat, just put in the place, says then the motto for the BVB, so the Dortmund Captain.

Hope for a good feeling

Especially since the Russia has quite even goals regardless of leaving in the premier class. Now we play Europa League, have the Bundesliga and are in the cup. Maybe it was a step further today, hopes Rose.

Borussia Dortmund 5-0 Besiktas | Marco Rose | Full Post Match Press Conference | Champions League

Zeus reaffirms the meaning of the still outstanding two weeks before the short winter break, where it goes to Russia on Saturday (15.30 clock) to Bochum, then at home against Untruth Fürth (Wednesday, 20.30 clock) and at the end 2021 still to Bertha BSC (December 18, 18:30): The next three games are important to stay at Bavaria Franz and go with a good feeling in the winter break.

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