9 big ads that The Game Awards left us in the past

10 Announcements That Could Happen At The Game Awards 2021
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They are missing just a few hours for the gala of The Game Awards 2021, but their host, Geoff Kafka, has not stopped Increase expectations for an event that promises to be full of surprises, including An advertising advertisement for more than two years. The truth is that the appointment revolves around the prizes for the best games of the year in different categories, however, big ads have become one of the greatest attractions for the spectators.

Gala has had exciting moments and also fun For this year’s edition, Geoff Kafka has promised the world’s largest news and announcements list of the history of the event, in addition, the show has promised to focus especially on relevant ads, With more than half of the event dedicated to totally new video game advertisements. Among the ads, Kafka has assured that it has several novelties at the level of the Elder Ring trailer that was presented as a strong plate during the Summer Game Fest 2021 event.

The truth is that it costs not to get excited with this panorama, but the ads at The Game Awards are not something new. The gala has lived numerous exciting moments, such as that of the main executives of Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo together on stage, and also others remembered for being terribly fun, with Josef Fares claiming the gala on the Oscar in the most incorrect way as possible. But today we wanted to make a review for Some of the most important ads or that the greatest repercussion had in the history of the gala since we know it as The Game Awards. These are our 9 favorites, but sure what many more are what are yours?

We remind you that the new Gala of The Game Awards is celebrated today and can follow it live in 3D Games.

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