Diablo 3 internal light in season 25 the evil

FREE level 125 AUGMENTS in Season 25 (Diablo 3 Guide)
In the new season in Diablo 3 gives your character with soul splinters very special bonuses.

On Friday, Diablo 3 goes to the 25th season — actually one month too early, because on January 3, the series celebrates its 25th anniversary. Yes, so long ago it is already that the first part has appeared, at least in North America (in Europe Diablo was only on the market in November 1997). On the occasion of the approaching birthday, Blizzard has made something special. In the new season you will strengthen yourself with the essences of the rulers of hell: demonic soul splinters.

In Sanctuary in Diablo 3 you will be able to find the new items, with logically boss opponents they will be most likely to drop them. There will be three soul splitters of the great evil and four soul splinters of the low evil. The former uses your helmet, the latter in weapons. You can always equip a splinter of each category, but they also give you really powerful bonuses. The splitter of hate, for example, one of the three copies for headgear, reduces your damage by 15 percent, when three or fewer opponents are around you around you, but it increases it with more than three enemies per adversary by five percent — up to a maximum of 50 percent.

The soul splitters can be enhanced three times with found sparks of the Hellschmiede, which provide additional effects. However, if you think, however, to benefit permanently, we unfortunately have to disappoint you: the splinters can not be transferred to your non-seasonal characters after the end of the season.

Otherwise, the 25th season of Diablo 3 offers the usual diet. There are two new rewards for the completion of the season in the form of the trench frame (which for a pun!) For your portrait and the dark prince as companions. On top of that, you can win prices from season 13, for example Blaine’s Bears. Otherwise, there is another chance to get a few well-known season-specific achievements and to miss a full armament set of your characters thanks to Hedwig’s gift.

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