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FANATIC (Obvious Enthusiast in English) is a British electronic sporting activities club developed on July 23, 2004.

As a result of the World Cup beleaguer of Legends is a conflict over the team Fanatic comes to a head on. The German Boulanger of the team, Elias Upset Lip, had left the Lol Worlds 2021 prematurely. One of his teammates was Upsets Wife blame. Now says she now gets almost every day murder threats because of this boy.

What was the conflict?

For teams in League of Legends the Worlds at the end of the year are the culmination of a season. The Team Fanatic could qualify 3 teams from Europe after a crisis yet for the LoL Worlds as one.
But Even before the first game went to the German Boulanger from the team. He said he had at home a family emergency situation. He finds it very hard to leave the team, but it does not go differently. Fanatic different from a chance already in the main round.
In the wake of the French Boulanger, Adam, the team Fanatic left. That was in 2021 the biggest talent in the European LoL. But the 19-year-old can not forgive to have left the team at the Worlds Upset, apparently. He claims Upset is only left because his wife had felt lonely. Upset denies that.

Almost every day death threats — Fully no reason

That says now the wife of Upset: The wife of Upset is the twitch Streamer in and Influencer in Palatal. She has on Twitch 132,000 followers and is there primarily League of Legends. But it has not streamed quite a while there. On Instagram has 405,000 subscribers.

She pointed to Twitter a picture of Adam and Upset. She says:

Because of this boy almost every day I get death threats — for no reason.


In the tweet, she quoted one can read that Adam has changed its name to the solo queue of LoL to Lonely Wife AWU.

An allusion to the fact that Upset allegedly left the Worlds, only because his wife was feeling lonely.

The twitch Streamer in says she worked on social media. But could not go there anymore because her against spills so much hate. They have nothing let to be guilty — they’ll harass on the basis of pure assumptions.

Previously was something never happened. If Adam had a problem, he can discuss this directly with her husband — but Adam just do not reply to the messages.

What does the LoL pro that? Upset says he has several times tried to talk personally with Adam, but I ignored him. Adam would now draw even more hatred Upsets woman. That was already disgusting. He’ll go every conversation out of the way (via Twitter).

What’s going on yet? Adam had left Fanatic in the dispute. He had also claimed Upset have left not only the team down, but also tried to expel him from the team and replaced by a friend of his.

Adam apologizes to Twitch — Came with Worlds not clear

How reacts Adam? Adam wrote a Twitch stream on the evening of 6/12. Apologized for his behavior. Rename its name to Lonely Wife AWU, had been childish and selfish. That was the stupidest idea of ​​his life. That made it clear to him the reaction of the fans.

He says that’s emerged from deep frustration. He came on the disposal of Upset at the Worlds simply not ignore and have therefore this stupid reaction had he apologizes for.

Adam says he wants to leave behind the issue now. After the Worlds he wanted answers to his questions and was angry Upset.

Adam criticized Upset that he did not clarify the situation after the Worlds and have not reported to the team, to answer the questions. It was only after Adam had gone to the public, Upset had contacted.

People should understand the importance of the Worlds Adam had. It could be that the 2021 Worlds he were the only Worlds, ever qualified for it, says Adam. The whole situation was totally frustrated him. That was but human and understandable. He felt disrespected and have therefore — changed its name — out of frustration out.

Childish behavior with serious consequences

This is behind it: Adam is only 19 years old and apparently extremely ambitious, otherwise you will not in LoL Rookie of the Year. Apparently, he was not so clear that the Worlds for Fanatic ran so bad after the team had tortured a year to get there.

In a video of Fanatic could see how tilted the atmosphere at Fanatic during the Worlds from a school trip with event character to an ordeal with tears and despair.

It is understandable that Adam is deeply hit by the Worlds. But that Adam subordinate consistently upset, who left the team just because his wife misses him, Hanebüchen. Both Upset and his wife clearly said that absolutely not the reason for departing from Upset. But one asks to respect their privacy. You do not want to call the exact reason.

When Adam names his name in Lol, that may look from the outside like a childish prank because Adam is the focus of the Lol fans and FANATIC is such an important team for many people, has the serious impact on the life of Upset and his wife.

For an outsider it sounds absurd that a mega talent like Adam, who is only 19 years old, believes that his first Worlds could be the last. But in Adam’s head that seems to be a real way. Maybe that also explains why he just did not come across the matter.

The girlfriend of Fanatics Top Later WIPO was almost assisted the same by fans. WIPO has also left Fanatic:

Lol: fans sent death threats to the girlfriend of a player because of Worlds

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