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Am 11 . February 2022 The action role play Lost Ark appears, which will already drive you in the character creation in desperation. The reason: Your should choose between five classes, which also divide into several subclasses. And all 15 specializations that will be available to the launch look exciting and play ( our played-impression after ) wonderfully powerful!

Lost Ark Classes | What Is The Best Class? Paladin? Assassin? Berserker? Shadowhunter?
Anime Series Heroes of Armenia

Five of these specializations presented the creators of Lost Ark over the last few weeks in their Animated Short series Heroes of Armenia. Although the clips are barely longer than a minute and therefore scratch only on the surfaces of the classes, but we like the anime style really well. But see yourself:

Episode 1: The Berserk

Episode 2: The war dancer

Episode 3: The Shadow Hunter

Episode 4: The sorceress

Episode 5: The Artillery

All classes in In game action

If you prefer to see the classes with their respective specializations and skills in the game in action, the developers have also provided.

The warrior (Berserker, Pistolenlanzer and Paladin)

Warriors are the power packages Freesias. Even if they may not be the fastest, they stand their husband and make their mobility with devastating skills. With three advanced classes, you can further shape the warrior to achieve a balance between offensive and defensive or equip it with your preferred properties.

The martial artist (war dancer, scrapper, soul fist, fight monk)

These fast-footed fighters love to meet the opponents with combined attacks and deadly speed on a neck breaker style.

The cantonal (artist, artillery, artist and sniper)

Whether with high-tech weapons or with bows and never clamping bolt shots: keep these snipers in mind, otherwise they even meet with their worst shot. Peeler, who are interested in the deadly ranging attacks of the Pannier class, can choose between four advanced classes: the fast, cat-like artistic fist, the destructive artillery list, the triple weapon-changing deaths or the precise, arched snipers.

The magician (Hardin and sorceress)

Magicians are mystical summoners who use ancient magic Freesias to effect deadly spells against evil powers, healed wounded and to help allies. With two advanced classes, you can choose between the healing and support spells offered by the Bard, or as a magi cine elementary spells skid to your enemies.

The Assassin (Shadow Hunter, Death blade)

These mysterious cautioned fight demon with demonic and channeling the dark powers on behalf of light in fast, colorful attacks. As the magician, two specializations are available here.

If you prefer read, instead of looking, finds all the details of the skills in our overview of the classes and specializations of Lost Ark.

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