Dabrowski remains coach at Hannover 96

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„Richtige Richtung“ bei Hannover 96: Dabrowski darf sich bis Saisonende beweisen
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After from Jan Zimmermann in the Low-Bases Borowski had looked after the 96s interim and brought two victories from the last three games. That handed the responsible persons of Hanover — even if it lasted a 1: 4 bankruptcy against Welder Bremen — to put now until the end of the season on Borowski as a new coach.

Borowski has been working in Hanover for many years and has been using the U 23 of the club since summer 2018. His successor has not yet been announced by the club.

In the past few weeks you could see very well that it was easy with Christoph Borowski. We are convinced that a development started in the right direction, says sports director Marcus Man. The constructive cooperation in the coaching team and the team are good conditions for a successful second half.

We were the overall pastime via internally transparent and open in exchange. I am pleased that you give me trust, Borowski is quoted from the club. Now it’s about to set ourselves as soon as possible from the lower ranks. This will only succeed with lots of diligence and hard work.

Zimmermann had been fired after only four months at Hanover. At five wins, the Low Sages lost seven lots and came five times a draw.

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