Is the risk of rain 2 is multiplatform

Risk of Rain 2 Developers React to 9 Minute Speedrun
Risqué of RA in 2 Incurred as one of the many survivors trying to make their way in a foreign world, teleporting step in step through an unknown structure. You fight extraterrestrials, kill gigantic bosses, get weird equipment, and you can bring a friend with you for the trip. You can play the game from a PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Can you play with your friends on different platforms?

If you try to go from a PC to another console, unfortunately, this is unlikely. Players who own Risk of rain 2 On their PC receive the updates earlier than those of the consoles. For this reason, at the moment, players can not play in front of an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4 with someone who has the game on a desk. Updates are not synchronized, and it is unlikely to occur in the future. The Ho poo Games developers are a small business, so it is expected that they do not rush for the game to work on a series of ramps as diversified.

However, multiplatform availability between PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players may occur in the future. The console updates are comparable, which means that they go out at the same time and have similar problems or problems when they come out. Once again, the players of these media do not have access for the moment. This could happen, but its complexity could mean that the small team of Ho poo Games does not make it a priority. Risk of rain 2 is technically still in anticipated access. They may want to focus on the development and exit of the game before thinking about this mechanism.

You can play Risk rain 2 with your friends on the same platform, though. You can make sure that a four-player team is fighting side by side, trying to take overwhelming dimensions to reach the next boss. For those who have already played many times, you can improve the game by introducing artifacts. These artifacts modify the strict mechanics of the game, giving a little more diversity to your race, and the challenges are really starting to accumulate.

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