With coolness against the Zappelessness Van Barneveld shines

An average of almost 100, whole 14 shots over 140 points and two 180s: Raymond van Barnfield, who entered the Darts stage again after his resignation from the resignation with the striking howling of Siren and the legendary song Eye of the Tiger, showed COMEBACK can be directly again and won fixed with 3: 0 in sentences (3: 0, 3: 1, 3: 0).

With his usual casual and sensitive throwing technology, the 2019 Dutch Master actually returned Dutch Master his counterparty Slogan no chance — especially since the man of the Philippines with his own way to wobble his body after sinking arrows, and again sometimes again Being shortly at the beginning slightly nervous.

How far can it go?

In the end, the fair was read quickly, Van Barnfield brought nine of 25 checkout opportunities to the finish, meanwhile only their two out of ten. In addition, the five-time world champion (1998, 1999, 2003, 2005 and last in 2007), Slogan also moved in high finish with a checkout at 121, the outsider made only a 50.

van barneveld vs davis world grand slam 2021
The question that now represents: How far does the Dutch bear the Darts arrows in the end? I dream of winning the World Cup, hopefully this dream comes true, said Van Barnfield in the Checkout — the Darts podcast in advance. If you lose two years in series in the first round, then you are an amateur. Then you do not belong to this game anymore. I’ll say that myself to my life until the end of my life, he had meanwhile after his last Darts World Cup left around two years ago.

Sure is: On Thursday (22 o’clock / sport1 and DAZN) it now comes to the BRISBANE DUEL The former world champion: Van Barnfield gets it with the Englishman Rob Cross, who had a freight in Round one and the title of 2018 is to do.

Wade sovereign

For the last match of the evening, James was still holding the stage and beat Main Kuivenhoven pretty fast with 3: 1. 26 shots for more than 100, including ten for more than 140, led to success. What mainly ran: the checkouts (nine of 26).

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