For Christmas Raphael Lucas offers you 5 free emissions until the end of the year

This is a listing of Xbox One video games currently planned or launched either nugget at retail or through download.

You are not yet subscribed to Gamut, you hesitate to get started in the big bath? The promise of the acrobatic transitions of Puzo in the show did not convince you yet? And be aware that we are preparing for an end of year specially cut for you. From December 27 to 31, the editor will offer you every day and free access a broadcast usually reserved for Gamut subscribers. The opportunity to finish the year in beauty while discovering some flagship programs of the subscription.

And it’s Retro Dash that opens hostilities on this Monday, December 27, with an episode devoted to Franco-Belgian cartoon adaptations. Pipomantis, Medea and the nefarious Raphael Lucas explore for more than three hours of a passionate and exciting program this family long fueled by InnoGames, and who today knows a certain definitely under the building of microids.

Tomorrow Tuesday, December 28, you have an appointment with Puzo, Daniel and Greg for a Gain Dash special who traces the 30 years of career from the latter in the world of the videodisc press. An hour and a half of anecdotes and memories for the dean of the extended writing of Gamut.

Wednesday, place at one of the latest formats offered to Gamut subscribers in recent months. It’s about remains?, our postmortem home show that returns in large widths about some of the titles that have marked the history of video game more or less recent. Do you know, this kind of games that can be talked about for hours around a drink with friends? On December 29, so you can enjoy the first episode of that remains?, dedicated to The Witcher 3, and propelled by Puzo, Auto and the Father.

Cérémonie des Gamekult Awards 2021

Thursday, December 30, the boom-boom takes power. Very hunk on the horizon, since you can discover the exceptional documentary led by Nodes and Dad at ID Software and appeared on the site in December of last year. It comes back on the 30 years of the Saga Doom, a license that participated in modeling the FPS as we know today and continues to push it forward still today. Near an hour of history and interviews, that’s what awaits you.

And to finish the year 2021 in fanfare, we wanted to anticipate the return of our comrades Coin-op Legacy by offering you free access one of their best shows, the one devoted to the arcade terminal Terminator 2. Since, if you still ignore it, the corner-op association ensures the preservation of the terminals of all times and allows you to discover in the smallest detail these technical treasures of another time.

But obviously, this is only a preview of what the subscription to Gamut reserves you! Emissions, podcasts, tests, items, files, investigations: you still have many content to discover, hoping that this first contact makes you want to extend it.

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