Game Boy could have his own Alexa with Mario de Protagonist 20 years later Paperboy is discovered

The mythical Game Boy counted on his day with a huge variety of gadgets as picturesque as a printer, a card reader, photographic camera… and now we also know, more than 20 years later, who studied the possibility of launching an accessory with the That we would have been able to navigate online, send messages to other players, and even receive videos from the Nintendo itself to make known their next releases.

Having an Alexa or SIRI style searches known as Nintendo Pageboy, this device was developed by Eddie Gill together with a team of technicians in Wizard, as reported by the well-known historian of the Liam Robertson video game On your YouTube Game History Secrets channel. He began to work in 1999 and for three years, Nintendo America studied the viability of this accessory, designed to take advantage of the brand new Game Boy Color that at that time dominated the portable consoles market.

Nintendo was impressed by the possibilities that PAGEBOY opened, which, among other options, allowed to send the photos taken with the Game Boy Camera, and even had a search engine Alexa’s style or Siri with Mario de protagonist, who You could ask him to look for certain online content. Curious is also the application Game Boy TV, which is irremediably recalls the current Nintendo Direct, because using a radio wave transmission technology, the objective was to connect directly with the players by sending videos of the next novelties of the company Japanese

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With an estimated price of 50 dollars, why didn’t Paperboy never see the light? The main obstacle was the technology itself radio transmission for which I bet, since this network only existed in very specific areas of the world, as the United States, so the target audience of the Nintendo Pageboy would have been very limited.

I used radio waves, which limited its success around the world Robertson emphasizes in its video that one of the maximum of Game Boy was always his universality, which was a device for everyone, and unfortunately, Pageboy did not honor that motto. So in July 2002 the project was canceled, although Wizard’s work was not in the bucket, because in the following years, many of the ideas after pageboy were reflected in other Nintendo projects, such as the possibility of messages with other players In Wii U and 3DS, or the famous Nintendo Direct, as we commented.

Here in 3DGames we already dedicate an article to talk about Game Boy’s craziest accessories, with some oddities as a fishing rod. Currently, this Nintendo portable, as well as other retro consoles, enjoy a second life thanks to Homebrew.

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