Path Of Exile is becoming more and more popular Amazing results for 2021 years

Grinding Gear Games summarized 2021 years, which was a really successful period for Path of Exile. And SP.


In 2021, Path of Exile increased by four additions: Echoes of the Atlas, Ultimatum, Expedition and Scourge

What is the Future of Events in Path of Exile?
The company expanded from 149 to 165 employees

Almost 100 smaller updates were issued / patches to play

342 articles on the page — on average 8.5 articles per week

A new online player record (265,250 — 11% more than the previous record was established)

About 5.3 million unique players played in Path of Exile on international realize

In terms of Playtime (483 million hours) it was the second-best year in the history of Path of Exile

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What’s next? At the beginning of February, Path of Exile will receive another addition to be really great and deliver us another type of end-game.

Grinding Gear Games must really try, because at the same time will debut Lost Ark online. This will be a challenge not only for POE, but also all successful period games and Hack’n’Slash.

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