[New Year plan ②] Deokjo is full, 2022 subcultural game

This list provides the significant jobs associated with the computer game (products, devices, adaptations, events…) that have actually been launched as component of a participatory funding project.

In 2021 there was a bright new year. Yet circumstances such as Corona 19 seemed to be a little softened, reinforced the positioning Delta mutations, backstreets to five microns variation while since lull is not otherwise have access. But in the midst of G-Star it is difficult, such as Corona 19 to be held in parallel between the online and offline gaming industry also showed adapt out look.

Especially this year, as long as you plan to launch a variety of new meantime been prepared in various gaming platforms in the country, it seems to be the year to reverse the industry’s situation was somewhat depressing to Corona 19. Subculture game is no exception. Young — TAE represent a shift-up featuring Nike: the victory of the goddess’ from the closer’s New meta conference after the new game four V this new number gangway returned to production through the Games’ PD ‘outer plane, the seven deadly sins development team of this center the start various new and ‘black clover mobile’s up there ahead of a big game studio released.

Domestic as well as international side is also a variety of new gaming subculture news has been reported from the summer of 2021 a little. First, the cocoa Games hit the Japanese archipelago confirm the publishing of ‘Umar daughter’, is preparing to launch in 2022. Neo wiz plans to introduce a child to enter into a publishing contract of Dolly Pride, the domestic first half of 2022. In addition, Milo required for 2021 ‘collapse: Star rails’, Mongol Ark of the developer hyper Griffith ‘X Astrid’ variety of the new public, Type-Moon is followed by the last December 31 Tsukihime wizard Night versions of the console the new release, including the heralded 2022 release has led since the beginning of the year this year.

How could there be work in 2022 flutter the hearts of the gentlemen are expected? Saw them gathered subculture scheduled to be released the highly anticipated 2022 release or new information.

Nike: Goddess of Victory
Release: 2022 year / Platform: Mobile

Shift up a new twist on an arcade style shooter Anime RPG: showcase goddess of victory, Nike, in 2022. Nike: The Goddess works implementation effort and Hyde approach to Babe Android that shoots the process to fight to keep humanity from weapons of unidentified gun cover of the victory, the popular taste in geurimche the Young — TAE represents a unique physical beauty feels the twist attractive girl battles utilizing a full immersion into the character and Live2D based on three sheets of currency features. But the first time the public is plain that such awkward swaying exaggeratedly only certain body parts, were flat in the G-Star demo version that the line of sight and the whole body to control the recoil more natural rendering attracted attention.

Drag the character was demonstrated by the G-Star continues to press or release a public way some control elements of shooting the enemy with weapons after the break, depending on the focused sight. There was also a glimpse strategy linking tactical point play and Burst Skill is a kind of special moves that intercept and attack to neutralize the weakness of the Boss or missile attack as an arcade shooting game in advance up to three steps.

Release is scheduled to appear is more than 60 characters in this version will be a combination of more than 10 kinds of characters defeat the bosses according to the type of weapon and burst skill Step 6 species. It is also planned to equip a character story and save the main story of the novel, the volume level for audiences to enjoy the character and worldview, the charm of each character.

pride Eye Dolly
Release Date: first half of 2022 / Platform: Mobile

In between the Games ‘parent company Cyber ​​Agent and Japanese entertainment agency Music Lane, publishing and licensing businesses Straight Edge Media Mix project three companies jointly,’ I Turn Pride was released in Korea with the signing last December 22 Neo wiz and publishing contract It has been confirmed.

‘Eye Dolly Pride’ is a management game made ‘a story that grows with the managers of the girl singing to become the best idol. He introduced a strategy RPG element to the neglect-like manner, to implement in full the character of the original animation, 3D graphics have to be able to enjoy a live performance so immersive.

This raised the famous Junk Canada is a writer and ‘Love Live’ increased awareness as ‘geologist number’, etc. Pomona Memorial UP: FLAPPER (UP flapper) has served as character designer raised the completeness of the game. Also, Hanuka Tomato, Amalia turban Ankara Kana ta, including famous actors have committed, animated even more attractive character.

Kids Turn Pride is hosting a national reservation in the first half of 2022.

Outer Plane
Release Date: second half of 2022 / Platform: Mobile

If the subculture game fans are familiar with his name, number gangway PD returned. V-Day is the Games resumed in earnest activities with the public in October, his new outer plane, the last in 2021, he joined the fledgling developer. The outer plane is a game packed with information, Smile Mobile RPG scheduled to publish the gate, commonly called the world’s water that is to be summoned either a character who lived in the district sudden leaving fantasy world of adventure with their peers.

Adopted last October interview with the 3D cartoon rendering of high quality based on tone through, the public alive the vision of the emotion of the characters and gestures every single detail to meet the needs of users subculture bar. In the teaser video released last November, dynamic action and the characters are compelling Chain Skill, strategy elements, such as links between gwangpokhwa bosses have been some confirmation.

The outer plane will be a variety of news, such as character introduction and development situations through public under development, this future Games V Official YouTube channel and Facebook channels, and aims to launch in 2022.

Black Clover Mobile
Release Date: second half of 2022 / Platform: Mobile

Was released in the popular comic Black clover ‘based mobile RPG,’ Black Clover Mobile ‘jumping the last day, December 19, 2021, in the Fest. Developers big game studios, including Choi’s representative: is the one place in the company development team are new founded the seven deadly sins Grand Cross’, it is also bringing the game as well as the animation industry veteran aims to produce the highest levels of anime-style game.

Seven embellish the magical world of the original with animation-style graphics on the implementation of know-how packed into mobile games Deadly Sins On the other hand, is characterized by the production of a unique thrilling magical battle of gorgeous nokyeonaen based tone. Dwaeteumyeo actually consists of the actual game screen of all PV is about 4 — minute public on the last jump Fest, you can glimpse the vivid character representations, such as if seeing the animation.

Black Clover Mobile 2022 comes second half is under development aiming to release South Korea and Japan.

Pretty UMA daughter Derby
Release: 2022 year / Platform: Mobile

‘Umar Museum is a game Moe angry horses gained popularity in the Japanese real horse race. Yieoteuna originally scheduled to launch in Japan in 2018, it was elected during the three years through quality upgrading in March 2021 after the Japanese public alpha. Popularity Ranking 1 in Japan shortly after launch to give a written response, including the sales of the above.

UMA daughter is not only famous for being one of Moe horse shoes, but flew replace ‘winning run, racing back to live in foster Idol-style games that refine the quality as much as idol training game was a sniper subculture taste of the user. As well as found faithfully capture even the platform of the user to compose the high road of development that Denmark bundling together to simulate a winning racehorse trainer is a map in the virtual racing series called ‘Twinkle series mobile.

Horse Racing section is also a user simply horse girl of the actual horse racing and management simulations, such as putting together a run tactic, depending on the state of the horse and the day the weather, course distribution skills from the perspective of the rider and trainer, as well as advance to watch the running of He told the faithful that the flat elements. In the domestic cocoa Games is preparing to launch a full-scale, such as in March 2021 signed a publishing deal, G-Star participants.

collapse Station: Bakery operations
Release: 2022 year / Platform: PC, Mobile

Heralded the ‘bakery operations Station collapse was released in 2022 girls remake of the first works Bakery Girl Sequel and the team of Mikey wires. Girl wires Green Station collapse the story 30 years later after: in the bakery operations the user is out to tell the story from the point of view of girl first put of help men Antarctic federal agents in crisis danghaeseo in an ambush while performing operations, rescuing him enigmatic.

For further exacerbated the collapse pollution and thereby Star Rourke in tattered more barren cosmopolitanism States of alliances and conflicts in the Antarctic federal, and worldview and links, and changes since the current girl wires, such as three goddesses Plan to change the landscape of the battlefield the content will be put in the form of a classic RPG.

In the last 10 years May 19, 2020, Mikey team Bidibidi live video released by the player unveiled a strategic play to take advantage of the various skills and weapons and features of agents handling many enemies coming from all sides attacked. In addition, there were also armored glimpse, third class relationships between resistance to use the explosives or arms antitank gun that did get eaten. As well as the Antarctic this background material and resources are barren, the user must use the limited resources in consideration to future operations as efficiently as possible.

Graphics as well as upgrading the remake, not a voice, the story line is also added as a reinforcement and have enjoyed the previous user ‘Bakery Girl seems to be able to play in a new sense. The original release was scheduled in September 2021 month, the launch was postponed to reinforce scenarios and thus add assets, directing the way to upgrade and diversify the design stage in accordance with 2022.

The Big Blue Fantasy Lee Links
Release date: year 2022 / Platform: PC, PS

Popular mobile games between the Games, The Big Blue Fantasy ‘a console action RPG based on The Big Blue Fantasy Lee Link was also launched in 2022 heralded the end of the year. The Big Blue Fantasy Lee links while unveiling the production of abilities and five of the original character as action-RPG to choose the most popular characters in the original proceeding the back mission organized into four parties, and tailored to the console-quality cartoon rendering of subculture user to obtain a response.

Although originally it started as Platinum Games and co-development, Platinum Games 2019 has no news after a while releasing the project with contract termination was also concerned about the morale of the Big Blue fantasy fans. But Gran said that Blu Mascara 2019, the newly developed image is sustained while in public. In particular, The Big Blue festival 2019 while some reveal an overview of the four are involved possible multiplayer raised expectations.

4 multiplayer video that the user moves the map directly expand the enemies or fight, and confirmed the former boss of the risk factors, such as loot from the box and eyisyeonteu dragon. Eyisyeonteu Dragon in video attack the user in a variety of patterns, such as breathing fire in the air, and this fit users are presented the best part of a pattern targeting, such as feudal the other hand timing to avoid or defend an attack by five of the chain and bursts associated stare.

Unlocking Limited New Year 2022 Costume Set (Blockman Go)

Dwaeteumyeo last global launch has been confirmed in the 2022 year in December with The Big Blue fantasy festival 2021 held on the 12th, PC version will also be released through Steam.

Ever Soul
Release: 2022 year / Platform: Mobile

Ever Soul is collecting anime-style-type RPG being developed by a start-up company development team Legion of Heroes is a pivotal Nine arcs. With more than 40 kinds of spirits found the process to draw to travel to rebuild the world in the post-Apocalypse world.

It collects the anime-style 3D graphics based on the girl character, and as well as to fight organized, add a love simulation type character stories reaction is dependent on favorable system and choices of each elemental sympathy with the character and drive to have an attachment features to be. This combines the left-type system for easy development and a dungeon add content consideration of the log-like elements, added a zest going to solve the puzzles and overcome obstacles gimmick that appeared randomly.

Wizard Night
Release date: year 2022 / Platform: PS, SWITCH

Tsukihime, Type-Moon of that share a border with the world of balls visual novel Night of the Wizard ‘is re-released with the console. Wizard of the night are the glasses that inhibit main direct the work of dealing with the past, it gave ‘Oh Oak ahchoo’, released as a PC in the last one on April 12, 2012, for a bar to techno in Tsukihime.

Before leaving loose remake of the tangled history at the stage of Tsukihime making Miami On the other hand, he found release a more detailed set about the magic and the magic mentioned in Tsukihime. It is also a work that is associated with the main character, Oak took Oh, forgot recording side main stage Ray yen over the work of several institutes, including the Type-Moon ‘boundary of the ball.

Console versions are currently under development is based on the PC version released in 2012, and supports full voice, full HD graphics. The year 2022 will be released as PS, Nintendo Switch, whether in addition to Japanese language support has not yet been confirmed.

monochrome Möbius: Master of Time
Release date: year 2022 / Platform: TBA

November 24, 2022, in a series of presentations conducted ahead of the 20th anniversary of the series’ lauded receiving party New, the monochrome Möbius was released. Utawarerumono series while unveiling a unique system called since the last release in 2002, entering the keys on the exact timing of Ainu culture in a unique world and deep storyline, classic tone RPG that on the basis that you can continue to the next attack yeongyeok the series gained a response from the user. As it based on three main volume series and derivative operations, HD remake, but was also a TV animation and other media-mix market.

The Shimokawa, President of Aqua Plus is why they did not include Utawarerumono, this new in an interview with Japanese game media, the game Stoke has said that because Monochrome Möbius was previously Unlike the works challenge the new division.. According to an interview about the new songs in the game jungyimyeo production 90%, and notice some changes in the system. Also, Shimokawa president has completed the current 85% to 90% develop in an interview, explained that this year for release in 2022. Genre and platform, the exact release date of ‘monochrome Möbius is scheduled to be released later.

Kurtz Well
Release date: year 2022 / Platform: PC

Kurtz Well ‘Grand Chase, Sword developers nose he is serving a new online action game. The other world Er Te Asia ‘reconstruct them inspired by the world of Grand Chase of IP cog in the background, and deals with the story of the’ Well Kurtz ‘fight against the huge religious country Bela Both, begun.

Animation style graphics and a distinctive customized implementations utilizing the Unreal Engine 4, and features spectacular action, erected within a range of PVP content, such as survival and flags around the core. Over the past 2,019 years after the first public steam in the 2017 G-Star has been in progress for a global early access and reinforce the EVE content, including custom missions and boss rush through the early access before the domestic market in 2022.

Note Mike
Release Date: TBA / Platform: Mobile

Domestic developer Mad OK develops and mobile RPG, ‘Mike Notes’ is being prepared with the Japanese publisher Dream is a game focused on the materials of shaman only in rare subculture is not a major In the country. And the near future, and that is called ‘Moroni’ demons threatening the world as the background, she found to draw the activities of Mike fighting with them.

It is characterized by normal times also put Nagoya detailed charm of a shaman with a routine including a carry or a gentleman cleaning the school. Based on the cartoon rendering 3D graphics, while plotting his characters speak in love with M. Flick huge variety of clothes and accessories, costumes and characters, such as sharing every day and captured the excitement to get to know more deeply affectionate character.

Mike notes is scheduled to be launched first in Japan in 2022.

Heights US
Release Date: TBA / Platform: Mobile

The developer of Clover Games ‘Road of Heroes’ showcase the new ‘it’s beauty in 2022. The game’s pushing Nansen the concept of’ virtual worlds Relocation Services’, utilizing the Unreal Engine’s addition to the job, such as checking or wizard in the virtual world implementation cartoon rendering Photographer, such as creators, fashion models enjoy the daily life of various professions developing direction.

Dwaeteumyeo determined that in July by about 70% through KakaoTalk channel development, participation in the Challenge with friends or arrest the blacklist, the content directional some public bar where fashionistas. In addition, we conducted a beta version of QA in KakaoTalk channel bulletin 30 December 2021, it said it would proceed with the international soft-launch preparation After opening the website in January. It’s pushing plans to launch a stabilization working abroad Soft launched in 2022 after a rough country.

collapse: Star Rail
Release Date: TBA / Platform: PC, Mobile

Collapse: Rail Star is the latest in Milo and I are fourth favorites in the collapse of the series. Was first released over the past 5 October 1st CBT global recruitment, October 8 through the PV was confirmed that the Korean dub support and open world RPG of tone based.

By John Milo PV and CBT are familiar characters were open to the world and Vimeo, jar facing the user, such as the collapse of a series of such unique cartoon rendering of galaxies and snow, city, colony implementation of graphics. In addition, Korean dubbing was found to be accentuated domestic famous actors such as Kim Yeo-jin, Han shin, Kim Hyeseong attended. I usually encounter while exploring the open world enemy adopts to proceed will encounter tone how to fight, in addition to the real-time action-based difficult not try the collapse 3rd dynamic camera angles and brilliant director added a new feel to the skills of the existing characters.

In the 1st CBT has supported iOS, only the PC, turned out to be the fact that it is also supported by the PC client. 2nd CBT conducted and whether the release date has not yet been made public.

X Astrid
Release Date: TBA / Platform: Mobile

Type of 2D collect Defense RPG ‘Mongol Ark developer, hyper Griffith is a challenge, this time in 3D cartoon rendering open world RPG.

The new public, such as through Sept. 15 Bidibidi ‘X Astrid (Chinese name: 来自 星尘)’ will encounter enemies in the works dealing with the stories of researchers to explore the unknown planet, explore the open world in real time the system is based on the encounter with rush hour tone.

According to the pre-alpha test play video users is to investigate the ruins of the planet are living unknown intelligence similar to the one organized human units in the two teams. As a full variety of objects within the ruins it gimmicks such as scaffolding or lift switch that is generated in the air If you go after an investigation and encountered the enemy’s release, consuming the coast in the bottom of the combat skills of each character can use. Or a skill that can be used vary depending on the battleground states, even animated tactical elements such as hitting Aegean thrown if successful blocking according to the timing attack the enemy turn.

Currently, Billy, Billy, etc. Tap jungyimyeo Reservations Release Date and testing schedule is tentative.

Blue Protocol
Release Date: TBA / Platform: PC

Blue Protocol is Banzai NAMC works embellish entertainment to draw an adventure to prevent the destruction along with showcasing anime-style MMORPG, the fellow with reaching the world with the mystery of light Yen Gram ‘rig adventurer met in the world to be. One Piece, Naruto, Sword Art Online, including a variety of utilizing IP games and Idol Master, Gods Eater Burst, code vane animations are filled game-style graphics-based Banzai NAMC Entertainment came up with digesting game know-how, first published in July 2019 since the bar has collected the expectations of many users.

Seamless open world, but it is the freedom to move freely every corner of the town, such as the roof of the building features, thrown out or avoid enemy attacks and adopted a console type non-targeted actions linked to the skill. The Aegis Fighter, Twin holding the weapon in both hands go all the attacking strikers, and that neutralize concentrated attack the enemy’s weaknesses, or to support a buff a friendly Blast Archer, elemental magic and powerful range attack feature that uses a sword and shield to date the four classes such as spell casters were published.

Last year 10 January 2020 CBT but after a while there was no news that in May 2021 announced development team is currently developing situation with the public via the YouTube CBT feedback and improvement. Dwaeteumyeo development team is unavoidably delayed due to the release schedule on YouTube corona 19, it said it plans to recruit personnel to improve the feedback received from the part of the user. In fact, in August 2021 the last studio NAMC Banzai has continued to develop while recruiting personnel in various fields such as game designer blue Protocol and combat designer, PM, localization teams.

Release Date: TBA / Platform: PC, Mobile

Want ‘is PC- mobile cross-platform MMORPG Perfect World featuring an affiliated studios Hat ta. Animation climb to wherever jump button to the SF MMORPG implementation style graphics or introducing’re summit play goes solve the puzzles using the elements interact, Mobile Action RPG style Instruction with two jumps, while introducing air dash and aerial combos it is characterized Korean differentiation.

The user is the pioneer in a crash landing on the planet Aida is being rebuilt after the accident planet Leakage will explore planets around. If other open world RPG unlike the ‘suppressor’ level to prevent variations due to planetary energy are not met, some sections are everywhere the advantage, instead of surfing, and flying devices and open ornamental ottoman various tools that can not be entered open area free can Neville. It is also possible to play the same variety of content such as MMORPG Guild-laid and ind eon party challenges in PC, and mobile environments.

Want dwaeteumyeo is released on December 14 in China, with PC and mobile, getting feedback and communicating with the global user in the current Tap. Whether global launch and availability have not yet been finalized.

girls wires: neural Cloud
Release Date: TBA / Platform: Mobile

‘Girl wires: neural cloud’ is a prequel works covered the story regarding the Cloud Mind Map ‘, the main material of the girl wires this work. Commander of the user of the Griffon is a series of events experienced while the girls dig what happened three years ago, Cloud Mind Map development process from the main volume with the ‘Fernando Chicago, a major figure in the wire world party entering into the cloud internal works of the key contents. In the process, it synchronizes the data in the Professor has been uploaded to the cloud as being inside the grasp of events and data at the time, the making is referred to Prof. user is not a commander.

Gameplay proceeds in the form mixed with to set the root in the randomly generated map 5 each battlefield every combat personnel to log-like format to reach a target person, spare crew deployed three people and let auto fighting auto Battler do. After the battle appeared several random function card, and choose one of these going Kali yieoganeun also continued the fight deck building elements.

Last dwaeteumyeo City from 2020 to September 2021, January 23, through the CBT and OBT in the three times elected to China, Dec. 28 Girl Bar heralded the 2022 Japan launched from wires Japanese server special program, and Comet site.

2 girls wires
Release Date: TBA / Platform: PC, Mobile

A ‘girl wires 2’ works Korean changes, including a sequel covering the story of 10 years from its predecessor, employing a formula ekseukeom tone probability based on 3D graphics. All actions can be increased depending on the specific probability influenced by chance, skill and tactical advantage of features puppets of the map. For example, placing the unit cover and the back cover, the higher the probability to avoid the attack. Conversely, when you attack the enemy hidden behind cover because the better the chance to miss, and to note that it should operate allies.

This past year, including July 6, 2022 Following the first CBT only public gameplay October 18 two characters and weapons acquisition, development elements of the car CBT overall game system was released. Also resulted ease reinforcement such as hagekkeum repeatable Farmington in an autonomous operation, regardless of the once clear a stage 3-clear whether since the second CBT. We’re also continuing to advance reservation through a platform such as corruption scandals, Tap in China, the release date is still undecided.

Armed sequence
Release Date: TBA / Platform: Mobile

Armed sequence is a new star has a new developer Linear Technology Network founded around the personnel involved in the development BSL White Dragon Girl wires, which serves pun. Suddenly the fog of mysterious monsters and to they will haunt the continent background while meals, the user convene the members to join the expedition as investigators, saying the unknown cause fog and identity of Monster series of events taking place in the continent to be investigated.

Game system is introduced into the real-time battle in a non-techie classic tiled RPG scheme, and proceeds to form, while continuing the control unit to and the studio according to the enemy movements. You can organize a total of six characters in the team, affiliated unit of the disease and as a character when organized team are combat pay, while acting with character. In the battlefield through the PV it was confirmed that a total of three characters are put into the battlefield. Disease and some had also been released, including a shield Bottles, Wizard, spacemen, cavalry, you can see the look to take advantage of the characteristics of the disease and the like spacemen or cavalry rushed to prevent the enemy from the front of the battle unfold real battles in real time.

M Project
Release Date: TBA / Platform: Mobile

Being developed by Project M motto Games is a Collect-type RPG released in Joy City New Conference 2020. It was focused to ensure that implementation can still feel a sense of 2D girl won in 3D space, which will be discussed the near future dystopian worldview and dark stories on the subject of human survival. After collecting character and can develop into a variety of styles based on the content of the Academy huge variety, it is characterized by the increased involvement of battle directing the animated features every variety of strategies and specific character combinations.

While Billy signed a publishing contract with Global March 29 11 2021 days in Korea as well as in development aim at the global market, Japan, and the United States.

Project SF
Release Date: TBA / Platform: Mobile

SF2 is a global project targeted mobile games in development aiming to end plate king of the gathering-type RPG character development at Nixon new headquarters. Full use of 3D cartoon rendering method is the graphics seem to see the animated feature sensibility of the hand. It delicately expresses the appearance, emotions, and personality in order to raise further dragging the personality and charm of the character at the time of last Aug. 5 announcement has said that action, skill, move produce such quality of detail reported hand.

The Battle of the fun of a unique animated tone strategy to be speaking strategies depending on the skill range of the character range position. Kali was also a strategic character to play through the combination of the character attributes and skill in battle tiles optimized for mobile. As well as being a story that shows the relationship between the more than 400 characters and even character system, the various interaction systems are also available to the faithful gathered in the original RPG-type fun gathering to raise your character.

Specific test schedules and SF2 release date of the project is expected to be released later.

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