The new Alice game is getting closer: your main designer confirms a nearby ad

From the launch of Alice: Madness Returns in 2011, the fans and even the same creator of the game, American McGee, have been anxious for a third installment of the saga. After asking for the support of the community, and subsequently, insinuating it to EA, everything indicates that we are close to the expected announcement of Alice: Asylum, the new twisted adventure that awaits this girl.

I am sure that you will amaze any fan of Alice Alex Crowley was thanks to a summary of the year 2021 made by Alice’s main designer: Asylum, Alex Crowley, we have news about the development of this video game. The efforts of our team this year in Alice: Asylum are being analyzed by some larger entertainment companies in the world, said Crowley. Surely they already know what they are.

Crowley mentioned, that these conversations have been completed in something very exciting, and although he can not give more details for the time being, he asked us to prepare for a advertisement. I’m sure it will amaze any Alice fan, he added.

Among other details that Crowley shared, we can see several pieces of Conceptual Art in which the team was working. In addition to Alice, we can glimpse several scenarios both colorful and dark, including some enemies who carry all the grace and madness we have seen in the past adventures of Alice.

Crowley also talked about a digital book that will contain all the narrative of the game, along with aspects of gameplay and design, to which he called Design Bible. One of the goals in 2022 for the team, will be to finish that book, which you can start reading, but be careful, because it includes large spoilers of Alice: Asylum, so if you plan to enjoy the game as soon as it is Available, maybe it would be best to wait.

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