Ubisoft will not reach PlayStation consoles

After making, it known the arrival of the solution to Xbox consoles, Press Square called Ubisoft to make clear the possible release of this service to the PlayStation systems. Regrettably, Right now there are no plans to see Ubisoft + in PS4 and also PS5. This additionally suggests that RAINBOW 6: Extraction, which will be readily available day one in Game Pass, can just be attained at complete cost in these consoles.

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Ubisoft Partners With Xbox Over Playstation...

On relevant subjects, it has likewise been exposed that Ubisoft + will not become part of Game Pass. PlayStation is already working on a response for the solution of your rival.

While it is a frustration that Ubisoft + is not offered in the PlayStation consoles, this decision makes feeling when we take right into account that PS NOW, the equivalent of Game Pass is not offered to customers worldwide, something that would undoubtedly have happened With Ubisoft +.

While this is negative information, Ubisoft does not dismiss the possibility that your subscription service is offered on PS4 and also PS5 in a future, however, for the moment it will certainly not be the situation. Ubisoft + is currently accessible of PC gamers and also platforms such as Stadia and also Luna, using access to even more than 100 video games as well as DLC of the French firm.

A number of days ago it was disclosed what Ubisoft +, the registration service of the French firm, will reach Xbox consoles. While this announcement amazed even more than one, the information were scarce, and also some individuals still have doubts about this application. One of the most vital concerns finally has an answer, and also has been verified that Ubisoft + will certainly not be readily available on PlayStation consoles.

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