The ho-ho-home invasion is exactly what it looks like

But I’m going to wonder how the Merry Immortal manages to sneak without being caught. Seriously, at this point, it begs the belief; Surely no one had seen at a given moment, and even if, for reasons of argumentation, it is invisible, someone would have seen the gifts. Even if he has a super-speed (probably, since he has to travel through the entire planet in one night) then, what? Do you blister eyes and gifts suddenly appear, and Personnel finds it strange?

I have questions, that’s what I’m going to come, but according to Ho-Ho-Home Invasion, almost titled Santa Games Solid, the furtive aspect can have a possible answer: Santa has perfected art To infiltrate our homes in advance to practice.

Given the health and safety risks related to the infiltration of other people’s homes at the moment, HO-HO-HOME INVASION sees Santa’s elves develop a training program for him, with robots and Safety measures that Santa Claus must overcome to deposit gifts as part of its training., everything without being seen. Inspired by the Classic Stealth Metal Gear Solid series, you must be sneaky to avoid being taken; The tip of the feet, the look in the corners and the memorization of the patrols of the robots are all on the table while you try to sneak, to do your trick and to sneak.

The game, by White pot Games, goes out December 15 on Steam and Itch.Io, and uses a paid template what you like, the buckets receiving DLC ​​without content as a thank-you. With five different houses to go, it may not be the biggest exit of December, whatever the metric, but if you are looking for a fun experience to share with your family, it could be worth it eyes.

And do not worry about the big day — Santa Claus is the first to get vaccinated.

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