Cute and stylish! Animation Taiwanese 3DACT “Flame Princess” announced-A highly barrage attack

PLAY ISM has released the STEAM store page of the new 3D action game Him (Homurahime) developed by Indie Beloved CRIMSON DUSK.

This work is a 3D action game that is affected by the animation representation of Japan and combines the refreshing action and the 3D barrage. The player will fight with the five powerful magic girls who have various emotions with the Flame Princess, and the story of the Jovian and the Yoda girl will be revealed in the process of acquiring the girl.

Features of the game

  • World drawn in animation illustrations
  • Combo action with refreshing and tense

  • Challenging and beautiful 3D barrage attack
  • Armed to be extended by defeating a girl
  • Let’s defeat the magic and reveal the truth of the world


Development team was in charge of Taiwan’s Indie Games CRIMSON DUSK, established in May 2020. The team representative SAM announced the prototype of the Hit developed by individuals in a student era at a 2018 contest, and it has reached the team establishment from having gained many well-received. And this work has been announced at PLAY ISM GAME SHOW 2022 held at YouTube and Nico Raw Broadcasting Day.

A Flame Princess on the world where human and magic coexisting is scheduled to be released in Steam in 2023.

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