Sonys game creation game

Sony, who is a game that made a game that made a movie scene made of Music of Sch want. What do you want to say is, but is there any more accurate expression?

Sony Pictures Classic, Sony Pincus Entertainment’s Independent Film and Art Film Distributor, said that the Sony Pictures Classic was a local time.

Movie Winters Benign is a new work of British Alex Heretic Director, which directed a film white king. In 1812, a movie with Bavaria is a film that the act of the act of the act of the act of the act of the act of the mountains, ice, and the story of the snowy field is drawn about the journey that contains death and life.

In particular, it was built based on Austria’s composer called the king of the movie song, the Representative of Franz Schwartz. 1 year ago, Schwartz is composed of 24 songs, which is a total of 24 songs, each of the songs, but it is a work that you can feel well with the depression and performance to be.

Winters Jenny’s story flow was composed to make it possible to remember this Sch want’s song. In addition, the production technique to be applied to the work in addition to the production of the film was also attracted attention.

Winters Designs are John Malkovich, including Martina Get, and the actors who participated in more than 100 works of Martina UK, Oliver legs, and the actual acting of the actors who participated in more than 100 works, and they will combine the unique atmosphere of the pole. Especially, the world’s production in the work is a game development tool and a media creation tool, and the Dreams Universe, which is a media creation tool, will be used.

‘Dreams Universe’ is a 2020-year work of She Worldwide Studio Media Molecular, which shows a unique view of the game with a unique view with a Little Big Planet, Tearaway, and more. In addition, there was a great favorite, such as a variety of tools and simple logic systems, and objects that make them uniquely made by hand.

Through the PS4 platform, it was actually a game production as well as a high-quality modeling demonstration, and a colorful media work, including short films, and a colorful media work. Winters Money Creator also shared video on projects through SNS. Although the short film through the Dreams universe, it was also known that this is the first time it was used for feature films.


Winters Designs are currently in advance and will be released in 2023.

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