Hertha – Bavaria: Thomas Müller distributes top against Hertha

Radio Müller had a lot of competition on the frequencies in the Olympic Stadium on Sunday in Berlin. What really liked me is: We have heard each other, explained the offensive player of FC Bayern following the 4: 1 at Bertha BSC. Even players who are not so loud otherwise have given commands. So we have stacked Berlin and drove a wave to the other.

That his team achieved four goals despite numerous chances, Müller also made his own final weakness. Personally, I’ve found the magnet in the goalkeeper gloves two, three times, he said to his forward possibilities, each Hertha-Keeper Alexander Schools had destroyed.


It was not really trying to defend me.

Thomas Müller

He had scored a gate. After a free kick of Joshua Gimmick, Müller extended the ball shortly before the pauses with the sole into the long corner. Greetings to the witness, pollen well screwed, flattest of the 32-year-old.

Greetings also sent Müller to the defensive of opponents Bertha BSC, which had completely released him to the conclusion. In front of the free kick, he discussed shortly with Niki (Niklas Sure, Niki D. Red.), but, so Müller continues, it was not really trying to defend me. We want to play this ball, but that I’m so free…

Müller copies Union defender Knocked

Remember, he also felt at the Berlin Cup derby. It was almost a copy of the gate of Robin Knocked under the week, said Müller. The Union defender had also escaped the Bertha defense after a free-kick. Of course, he did not want to complain about the great freedoms in the middle of the penalty area: I’ll take this.

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