Pokémon legends Areas is in the starting blocks and will be released this week. As with every major Nintendo game too, the title has returned this time again in the fingers of some people and thus also came to the net. We’ve warned you before the leak, now we have to point out again – especially if you are a lot on Twitch on the way.

Pokémon legend Areas is jellied and Twitch is full of spoiler

Pokémon fans who went over the past weekend on Twitch, probably already looked around. For now, more and more the hand-acting game plays and show everything that is in legends Areas.

While we write these news, currently just under 24 streams are playing the game. At peak times, it will be very likely even more. The big problem is that the thumbnails of the individual streams could immediately show spoilers from the game. So keep yourself from the Pokémon legends: Areas category away to do without spoilers. The more streaming and ultimately watching, the sooner you are proposed directly streams, even if you do not want to see anything about the game.

Does Nintendo do something about it? Normally Nintendo and The Pokémon Company are very fast to remove such leaks. After pictures made last week of various Pokémon forms on Twitter, they were quickly deleted. So far, the publisher does not seem to be done on Twitch yet.

Not the first Pokémon Leak : Meanwhile, it is almost the tradition that the new Pokémon games will land in advance on the net. Already Pokémon radiant diamond and luminous pearl as well as Pokémon sword and shield have appeared before the launch on the Internet. Especially the latter caused a great sensation and ultimately a fine for the leader:

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Pokémon Sword & Shield Leakers have to pay $150,000 punishes

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Pokémon legends Areas appears in a few days. So that your adventure can start perfectly prepared, we summarize all information about the game in your own article. Of course, this is all based on official information, and you do not have to fear spoilers.

Have you already spoiled or do you want to start in the game without spoiler on Friday?

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