Global E Sports Company ESL Gaming, Arguments on Saudi Investors

ESL gaming with the Global E sports leagues such as Intel Extreme Masters, ESL Pro Tour, and Dream Nuclear ESL Gaming is acquired by the game and e-sports investors owned by the Public Investment Fund.

The Modern Times Group, Sweden, said that it is a Savvy Gaming Group (Savvy Gaming Group), a long-term investor, a long-term investor in the game and e-sports field on the 24th (local standards). The sale of $150 million (about 1,260 billion won for Hanna), and the modern Times group said that the acquisition procedure will be completed in the second quarter of this year.

The Modern Times Group acquired the ESL and Dream Nucleus in 2015 and merged it with ESL gaming. Since then, ESL gaming has a representative e-sports league operator with more than 600 employees. Counter Strike: Hosted the E-Sports League for Global Open Sides, Data 2 and Star Craft 2, and the ESL Pro League is the most authoritative Counter Strike: Global Opens iv Convention.

ESL gaming is merged with the E-Sports Platform Provisions Facet and becomes an ESL Face Group, and a merged company acquired a merged company. The Modern Times Group has been discussing the merger and merger from the previous year, and the ascetic gaming group has revealed the investment doctors.

The reason for considering the merger is to provide an ESL and online tournament service that has established a pro-sports league to provide a platform to build an E-sports ecosystem for game publishers and developers. Even after the argument, ESL and BASE are independent brands, and ESL Craig Levine (CRAIG Levine) CEO and Face ton COLO MOIST CEO act as co-CEO.


ESL Gaming and Facebook Cassia Gaming Group is a game and e-sports investors who have 100% owned by Arabia Local Fund. It was established last year, and it was aimed at establishing the purpose of supporting long-term growth and development of the global game industry. Brian Ward, who served as the Worldwide Studio General in Activision Bleeds, in the Activision Blizzard, is in charge of CEO.

Meanwhile, in December last year, the news that SNK, famous for the King of Fighters, the fact that it is incorporated into the fuller company in Electronic Gaming Development Company, its maximum shareholder. Electronic Gaming Development Company is a 100% subsidiary of the Miss Foundation, which was established by the Saudi Arabia Muham Mad Babies, In the sense, Saudi Arabia capital, which is introduced into the global game industry, is increasing, and it is presenting the opinion that it is necessary to review it.

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